Adverbs of Frequency List & Examples

Adverbs of Frequency List and Sentence Examples – Adverb is a word that describes another verb, adjective, or adverb. Meanwhile, adverbs of frequency are list of words that are often used to express how often we do things. This kind of adverb is an important part in our daily communication with others.

Adverbs of Frequency

Now you know that the adverbs of frequency tell us how often something happens. There are 2 rules to use these adverbs in sentences:

a. You can use adverbs of frequency to talk about definite frequency (real time). The following table shows the list of adverbs of definite frequency.

OnceEvery minuteHourly
TwiceEvery hourDaily
Three times a (n)Every morningWeekly
SecondEvery dayMonthly
MinuteEvery weekQuarterly
HourEvery MonthYearly
DayEvery Year
WeekEvery Season
MonthEvery two weeks, etc

Examples of sentences using adverbs of frequency:

  1. I go swimming twice a week.
  2. Two or three times a year I see my cousins.
  3. Every morning and evening Jennifer practices yoga. She goes to a yoga class every two weeks.
  4. The society produces a quarterly newsletter. It meets weekly, on a Thursday.

b) You can also use adverbs and adverbial expressions to talk about indefinite frequency.

The table below shows the list of adverbs of indefinite frequency:

From time to timeGenerallyHardly ever
NeverNow and thenOccasionally
Often / Quite oftenRarelyOnce in a while
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Sentence example using adverbs of indefinite frequency:

A : Do you ever see Miriam?
B: Yesfrom time to time. We usually stop for a chat.

Word Order of Adverbs of Frequency

Adjectives of indefinite frequency are usually after “be” and auxiliary verbs (such as: is, am, are, have, has, etc.), and before other verbs.


She is often

They have often talked about you.

often see Miriam when I am in town.

You can also put adverbs of frequency (except “never” and “always“) at the beginning or at the end of the clause or sentence.


Once in a while I like to watch a really romantic film.

Occasionally I eat something really naughty, like a large chocolate cake.

She is rather unfriendly sometimes.

Questions Form of Adverbs of Frequency

You can use a number of questions as in the following examples to talk about how often we do certain activities (frequency of activities).

Example 1:

A : How often do you see James?
B : Just occasionally.
A : Oh, I thought it was more.

Example 2:

A : Do you go out much in the week?

B : No. Not often.

A : No, me neither.

Use of Tend in Sentences

Tend to / tends to + infinitive (Verb 1) is often used in English to describe regular actions / activities / events / habits.

Sentence example:

People tend to think big shopping centers are cheaper, but it isn’t always true.

tend not to enjoy dinner parties. I tend to prefer a night out in a cafe.

We tend to go out on a Friday evening, and spend Saturday at home.

Things to Note

a. You can use the verb ‘can‘ as a substitute for adverbs of frequency.

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It can get quite hot here in July and August. > meaning: It sometimes get hot.

b. The word ‘per‘ is more formal than the word ‘once a‘.


I have meetings three or four times per week.

So, after reading our explanation of adverbs of frequency, have you understood about this subject? If you do, then our work here is done. Don’t forget to share and as always, thanks for reading!

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