Announcement Text: Definition, Types, & Examples

Announcement Text: Definition, Types, & Examples

Announcement Text: Definition, Types, & Examples – Announcement is an important information that is announced either orally or in writing addressed to people. They are usually found in public places, such as supermarket, gas station, school, etc.

Now, we will be discussing about the definition of announcement text along with its types and examples.

Definition of Announcement Text

Announcement is something that is written, printed, or spoken verbally so that other people know that there’s something happening or about to happen. The following is the general structure of announcement text:


Contains the name or main theme of the announced business or event.

Date and Time

Contains information on the day, date, and time of the event or activity to be held.


Contains information on where the event or activity will be held.

Contact Person

Contains information on the name of the person or address that can be contacted.

Types of Announcement Text

Generally, there are several things that can be used as main topic of announcement text:

  • Events
  • Missing persons / animals / items
  • Winners of a competition
  • Job vacancy
  • Sad news
  • Inauguration / marriage / birth
  • New products

How to Write an Announcement Text

There are several things that must be considered when you want to make an announcement text. You must pay attention to the title, type of event, date or time, place, contact person, and address. Some of these things only apply if you make the announcement text, but what if you want to make an oral announcement?

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The things you have to pay attention to when you want to make an oral announcement are clarity in the process of your delivery, intonation, pauses, and volume must be adjusted so that listeners can understand what you want to convey easily.

Here are some tips on how to make an announcement text:

  1. Announcement Text must be written concisely, clearly and easily understood.
  2. Consider the main purpose of making an announcement, because it is not just a statement, but an announcement can also increase people’s level of trust in what you are conveying, especially if you are about to announce a new product to potential buyers.
  3. Give facts in the content of your announcement as needed and there is no need to overdo it so as not to change the purpose of the announcement.
  4. Write announcements with short words and avoid repeating unnecessary words, because that will disturb those who listen or read the text of your announcement.
  5. If you have finished writing the announcement text, don’t forget to check it by proofreading to avoid misspellings, incorrect phrases, ineffective sentences, etc.

Examples of Announcement Text

Example 1


Free conversational English classes will start at Language Room, Central Library, Fulton Street on every Saturday at 3 p.m. until 4.30 p.m.
Starting from Saturday, 16th August 2019
People from all language levels are welcome.
Please call Jennifer 561-734-3036 for further information.

Example 2


This announcement is addressed to all employees of the warehouse department. Due to the deadline of the shipment this week, all employees are expected to work overtime for seven days, starting on next Monday. The overtime work will start from 4 p.m. and lasts for a minimum of two hours.
Suppose you have urgent business to attend to and have to skip working overtime, please speak to me to request permission. Thank you for your understanding.

Warehouse Manager

Example 3


Mr. John Doe has been appointed head of our branch office. He has been successfully handling the finance at head office of our firm in Washington. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of accounting. He has been scheduled to visit our office on Monday, 2nd September 2019, accompanied by Mr. Barry Allen, the marketing manager. He will commence work on 3rd September 2019.

H.R. Manager
Kevin Westwood

That’s all! Now you know the definition, types, and examples of announcement text. Feel free to share this article if you find it useful, and as always, thanks for reading!

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