14 Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much – Okay, who doesn’t like traveling around the world? Even though you’re not a traveler, you will always hope to be able to travel around the world, cause visiting a new place is always exciting.

According to Trekksoft’s research, 51% of their audiences do travel to recharge their batteries, as they feel so busy, tired, and stressed all the time. You can also read more benefits of traveling here.

But, who would have thought that traveling too much turned out to have many bad effects in your life? How come? This time, Writer River will explain 14 bad effects of traveling too much to your life:

Questioning Everything that Happens Around You

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

The first bad effect of traveling too much is you’re going to start questioning everything that happens around you. Without realizing it, when you travel, you will question many things around you. Why does that place look like that? Why was this tourist attraction built? Why do you like being in a strange place than a place where you live and do your daily activities? These questions may arise and disturb your mind.

Being Skeptical and Criticize Everything

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

When you visit a place, you might start criticizing everything, even the smallest thing. Whether it’s the garbage that littered everywhere, the sandy beaches that aren’t white, or the waves that are too tight. I know, you might think this effect seems trivial, even some people say being skeptical is a good thing. But what we’re trying to say is

Don’t be too skeptical, it ruins your life.

You may compare the location you’ve visited with the location you are visiting, you will also compare that location with other locations in other countries (Okay, this is the next level of comparison). Instead of criticizing or comparing things too much, you better think about the problem-solving solution and make it a better place. Alright?

Worry Too Much About Your Health

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

Do you feel tired all the time? Especially when you’re traveling? Do you feel jealous when you see people who don’t feel tired easily even though they have been traveling long enough? If you do, then you are infected by this bad effect of traveling too much.

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For adults, everytime you travel, you will start worrying about your body’s health condition and wondering “Why do I feel my body isn’t as strong as 4-5 years ago?” Well you know the answer, it’s all about age and lifestyle.

Increased Sense of Fashion Style

Too much traveling makes your mind become more open to new cultures and traditions. Not only that, but your sense about fashion is also increasing. For example, you can see the difference between the United States fashion style and Asian Countries fashion style. Fashion style sense isn’t always all about expensive outfits, but it’s about choosing a fashion style that suits your personality and fits your budget.

Being Tough to Your Children

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

This is a very bad effect. You know, as the world divided into several countries and cultures, there are many different ways on how to raise and educate children. If you often travel, especially abroad, then you will understand the difference in the way children are taught in other countries and in your own country.

It is okay if you can accept those differences, cause it will make your mind will be more open and it will increase your knowledge about parenting. You may allow your kids to freely express their ideas and emotions, or instead, you will always curb them, being too protective, too tough, and don’t want your kids to be too free. Maybe you have to read some good parenting techniques. Remember, every culture in a country is not the same as yours.

Addicted to New Gadgets and Modern Technology

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much
Gadgets and Modern Technology

Being addicted to new gadgets and modern technology is another bad thing about traveling too much. The more places you visit, then you can see the difference in technological progress between some countries with others.

When you admire modern technology from a country, let’s say Japan, there will be a natural desire to continue to follow it and feel excited about it. You want to be like them, you will buy their gadgets, you wish you lived there, you will tell people that their technology is unbelievable, and being addicted to that. Is it bad? You tell me.

Buy Expensive Things You Actually Don’t Need

By traveling too much, you will see some unique stuff too. You will found high-priced things that actually you don’t need, but by knowing its function, you may re-think again and willing to purchase them.

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For example, let’s say you’re in Hawaii for vacation, then you found this Yeti Tumbler, this tumbler can keep your drinks cold for over 24 hours (one of the expensive product’s recommendations by BuzzFeed) in the store. Actually, you don’t need it, but this thing keeps your drinks cold for hours, how could you miss this one-time special offer by only spending 24$? And then you purchase it.

Being Cheap

Being cheap isn’t a good thing, but it’s different from being economical, being economical is certainly a good thing, especially if you travel to various interesting places. Saving your money will help you through unexpected things while traveling.

But, being cheap is a different thing. You might prefer eating instant noodle than get yourself proper food or prefer walking for miles than riding local transportation. It’s a stupid thing to do. If it’s well-prepared travel, then you should’ve adjusted your cost in the first place. Don’t let yourself suffer in a place far from home.

I know, travel abroad is an exciting thing to do, but let’s just re-think about it. Think about the administration, language, money, and etc.

Facing Many Challenges

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

Traveling to places isn’t as easy as it seems, you will face many different challenges. And what you have to do when you meet one of them is by thinking maturely and carefully before choosing a correct solution. Either you prepared or not, challenges are always waiting to face.

Away From Family

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much
An Infographic by Resonance Consultancy

The more you travel, the more you’ll be addicted to doing it and maybe, it becomes your favorite activity. Moreover, if you prefer solo traveling than traveling with friends. You can just enjoy traveling alone and leaving your family at home.

According to Travel Agent’s article, 25% of U.S. Millennials said that they plan to take a trip on their own in the next 12 to 24 months. It means that millennials want to be free to do anything on their own instead of traveling with family or friends.

Be Hyperactive and Can’t Rest Even for a Moment

According to Palomar College, when you travel to various places, your body will always experience development and continue to adapt to the new environment. You will become more energetic and your body will become stronger.

This happens because, during traveling, you move your body a lot. For example, when you walk far to explore mountains, rivers, forests, or beaches. And when you go home which is closed room, you will get bored easily and can’t rest for a moment. As an alternative, you can channel this explosive energy to do positive things like exercising or playing with family.

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Excessive Consumerism

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

As I said above, one of the bad effects of traveling too much is being cheap, on the other hand, you could experience the excessive consumerism. When visiting a new place, it will be less fun if you don’t buy some souvenirs, as a reminder of the places you have been visited. Whether it’s food or some stuff for your family at home. This habit may affect your real life if you can’t control yourself. You may buy tons of things you don’t need. Instead, you can save it for future needs.


Have you ever wondering about how extended travel affects personality? Let me explain to you. You may feel that your life is full of luxury if you often travel abroad, right? You need to have a lot of cash to be able to do it.

When you visit a country with a lower economic situation than yours, you may feel your life is above them. Everything you find seems cheaper and you will find it easier to spend more money than to save it. That’s not a good thing. Rather than being haughty, it’s better to be grateful for what you have right now and sharing it with others.

Loss of Identity

Bad Effects of Traveling Too Much

Extended travel will make you meet people from various backgrounds. You also have to adjust yourself when meeting people with different personalities. This psychological effect of traveling can make yourself become a person with diverse characters. If this continues, then you might lose your identity as well.

These are the 14 bad effects of traveling too much. I know, You need to travel somewhere as a painkiller for stressing daily activities. Although not everyone experienced these bad effects, you should still be careful while traveling, as long as you can control yourself, traveling to many beautiful places is okay and good for your mental health.

Now, how do you think about these bad effects? Are there other bad effects of traveling too much that I haven’t thought of? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! And don’t forget to share!

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