7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia – Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons that we can only enjoy at certain times. And the best time to enjoy autumn in Australia is March to May. Did you know that autumn in Australia is no less exquisite than in European or American countries?

You will be able to enjoy the wonderful autumn scenery if you visit these 5 best places in Australia below:

Blackwood River Valley

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

The first place to enjoy autumn in Australia is Blackwood River Valley.

The Blackwood River Valley is a place for more than 3,000 unique Australian plants and wildflowers consisting of 1,000 different species. You can visit this place by traveling for three hours from the capital of Western Australia, Perth.

You will never forget your trip here, because as soon as you get there, you will be greeted by beautiful flowers in every corner of the valley.

Orange, New South Wales

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

As the name implies, Orange is famous for its view of the orange leaves of trees when autumn arrives. This place is one of the main destinations for Australian locals and foreign tourists in New South Wales.

Not only that, one of the best wineries in Australia is in Orange. Some types of wine that you must try while visiting there are Chardonnay Wine and Pinot Noir Red Wine produced by Philip Shaw Winery, Nashdale Lane Winery, or De Salis Wines.

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Then, you can visit the Ferment area which has the best wine producer in New South Wales. After that, continue your culinary journey in various restaurants such as Racine Restaurant or Lolli Redini.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

Adelaide Hills is a beautiful hilly area in South Australia that is only 30 minutes from the city of Adelaide. In autumn, the leaves in this place turn golden yellow and it’s truly amazing.

From there, you can visit Hahndorf, one of the most beautiful cities in Australia occupied by German immigrants from generation to generation since 1839. Hahndorf is famous for its typical German architectural buildings which are dominated by wood and brick material with steep roofs.

Don’t forget to take great photos!

Barossa Valley, South Australia

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

Besides Blackwood, the Barossa Valley is also a center for wineries in Australia that produces world-class wine. In addition to vineyard tours, there are also markets that sell fresh products from local residents.

Not only that, you can also feel the sensation of riding a hot air balloon and enjoying the scenery from above. The golden sunrise and sunset on the vineyards of the Barossa Valley is a beauty you don’t wanna miss.

Yarra Valley

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

Things you can do in the Yarra Valley while autumn are cycling, jogging, or eating with your family under shady trees. A beautiful, golden autumn will accompany you there.

The Yarra Valley is the oldest wine production area in Victoria. Wine lovers will be more happier to taste a variety of the best quality wines there.

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Also, from April 16 to May 5, you can enjoy Bright Autumn Festival. You can try a variety of typical autumn products, chilling in an open garden, visiting traditional Australian markets, and enjoying interesting musical performances and parades.

Stanley, Victorian Alps

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

This small town is located in the hills of the Victorian Alps which is famous for the production of apples and nuts. This beautiful plantation is one of the attractions for domestic and foreign tourists.

To make your holiday even more colorful, try visiting the Tesselaar KaBloom Flower Festival in Silvan and enjoy the views of thousands of blooming autumn flowers. This festival takes place during April every year.

Botanical Garden

7 Best Places to Enjoy Autumn in Australia

The last place to enjoy autumn in Australia is the botanical garden.

If you like to take pictures and selfies, you will definitely be interested in visiting Botanical Gardens which are located in almost all states in Australia.

Some of the best botanica gardens in Australia are the Dandenong Ranges Botanical Garden which is located near Olinda Town and Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden on Sheerbrooke.

That’s it! Above all of these places to enjoy autumn in Australia, which place do you want to visit most? Or do you know other places that we haven’t included on our list? If you do, please tell us by writing a comment below! Thanks!

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