5 Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face – For some people, writing isn’t just about pouring ink on paper. It isn’t about arranging beautiful words and making the reader amazed. But writing has become a routine that makes them more excited and addicted to doing it again and again.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

It isn’t about arranging beautiful words and making the reader amazed. But writing has become a routine that makes them more excited and addicted to doing it again and again.

Some of them write as hobbies, and others write for a living. But who would have thought that the writers could feel bored and lazy too? Or maybe they have life problems distracting their mind from writing something.

As beginner writers, you must know that there are challenges you face when writing, such as:

Stuck and Lack of Ideas

In fact, writing is not just about stringing words together. But pouring out every idea you have so that it can be easily understood by readers.

Sometimes, there are many ideas in your mind and you are confused on what to do with those ideas later. That’s one of the difficulties in writing.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

There are also times when your writing seems normal and doesn’t develop at all. You’re stuck cause you don’t know what else to do, especially if you lack ideas. You wish you never run out of ideas.

If you face this challenge, try to take a break. Maybe you are too tired to think clearly. Just think of what you want to think. Don’t hold it back. Just write down what’s on your mind. Edit your writing later. Don’t limit your imagination.

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Boring Writing

The second challenge you face as beginner writer is boring writing. Some say when you write and want to know whether your writing is good or not, try reading your own writing. You will find a part where a paragraph or sentence doesn’t feel right.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

Readers might criticize you. Not because they don’t like your writing anymore, but they want you to keep improving your skill.

You as a writer can’t please everyone. But don’t turn your back against them. If you put your focus just a little on them, you will find a way to overcome your boring writing.

Boring writing is a common challenge you must face as a beginner writer. Try read other writers writing to get ideas. Ask readers what’s wrong with your writing. And write again.

Can’t Find Your Own Writing Style

There are millions of writers in the world. And they have their own unique writing style. Usually, they will determine their own character first, then determine their writing style.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

This becomes an important part for every writer since they will be proud if readers remember them because of their story, writing style, and the use of language.

You have many opportunities to improve the style of language that you think doesn’t represent your own character. In the beginning, you might still imitate other writers, especially your favorite one. But over time, find a writing style that suits you.

Struggling to Be Consistent

People who are able to be consistent in doing things are successful people. Whether they’re consistent with promises, works, or hobbies. For writers, their consistency is tested when they have to be able to write every single day.

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Consistency in writing is a difficult thing, especially when you’re tired or doing something else that you can’t ignore.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

If you have time, set your workflow back. Determine the target and deadline. Be firm on yourself. If you don’t have time to open up your laptop, you still have a phone. If your phone is dead, you can write in a book or a paper.

The most important thing is your consistency in developing your writing skills.

Negative Feedback

As a writer, your writing will be read by people. And each individual has different characters. You will never be able to create something that everyone likes. There will be some of them who don’t like your writing and send negative feedback. And that’s okay.

Challenges Every Beginner Writers Face

If you get negative feedback from readers, don’t make it as an excuse to stop writing and quit, but as your motivation and a new spirit. All you have to do is accepting that feedback, improving your writing skills, and keep writing. It’s simple.

There you go! All 5 challenges every beginner writers face. Actually, there are more problems to be faced when writing. But if you truly love to write, keep doing it no matter how many challenges ahead.

Keep practicing and improving your skills. Don’t quit. You will be great one day. Cheers!

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