Degrees of Comparison: Definition, Formula, & Examples

What is Degrees of Comparison? – The degrees of comparison are used when we compare something with others. Generally, the degrees of comparison have two types, which are comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives. Do you all know the difference between the two and how do you use them in your essay or writing?

Here’s a detailed explanation of the degrees of comparison along with examples.

Comparative Adjectives

Comparative adjectives are adjectives commonly used to compare things with other things (generally a comparison of 2 objects). There are several rules that you must follow if you want to use comparative adjectives in your essay:

A. Use Comparative adjectives to compare 2 things.


The flying train is lighter than a jet.

B. Use Comparative adjectives to compare the same thing but at different times.


Train tickets are more expensive now, aren’t they?

C. Comparative adjectives are often followed by ‘than …‘ clauses. In addition, we can also add a word / phrase before the comparison word to give more information about it.


The flying train is far / a lot safer than a plane, yet a little bit slower. It can take you much nearer to a city, and it’s little quieter than road traffic.

D. Emphasize the comparative adjectives with the word ‘event‘.


Yesterday was hot, but today is even hotter.

Superlative Adjectives

There are also several rules that you must follow if you want to use superlative adjectives in your essay/paragraph:

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A. Use Superlative adjectives to show that something is different from others.


They are building the fastest jet in the world. (It is faster than all other jets).

That was the best journey I have ever had. (It was better than all other journeys).

B. Usually, possessive adjectives (the, my, your, her, etc) are located before the superlative word. You can also use the formula: one of the / some of the + superlative + plural.


This is one of the most exciting modern transport developments, and it will have one of the world’s longest tunnels.

C. Use formula in + place or of + period of time.


Yesterday was the hottest day of this year.

Comparison Words List (Ways of Comparing)

There are a lot of comparison words you can use to compare different or same things. Without further ado, here’s the comparison words list:

Saying Things That Are Different

Comparative adjective (+ than …)


Jake’s shoes are nicer than mine.

Ruby’s car is better than mine.

Not as … as (means less than)


Most jeans are not as expensive as Levi’s. (Most jeans are cheaper than Levi’s)

Not so … as


It’s not so hot as I thought it would be. (It is cooler than I thought it would be)

Different from


Gina’s school is completely different from mine.

Compared with / to


I think trousers are comfortable compared to / with skirts. (Trousers are more comfortable)

Saying Things That Are the Same

The same as / the same


Those jeans are the same price as mine.

The cost of living is the same here as in my country.

Our mobile phones are the same.

As … as ( with adjectives or adverbs)

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Old Levi’s are as rare as a Ming vase. (They are equally rare)

She runs as fast as I do. (We run at the same speed)

That was the definition, formulas, and examples of degrees of comparison. You can use the comparison words in your writing or essay to make it even more better. Thank you.

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