Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Disaster

Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Disaster

Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Disaster – If you have read the previous 2 articles about Explanation Text, we will not explain more about the definition. If you haven’t, then here’s what explanation text is all about:

Explanation text is a type of text that explains something or how it can happen.

Just so you know, there are many things that can be discussed in the explanation text, and natural disaster is one of them. Here are some examples of explanation text about natural disaster:


Tsunami comes from Japanese words: Tsu which means ‘Port’ and Nami which means ‘Wave’. Tsunami is one of the natural disasters that often occur in some countries.

Tsunamis can be interpreted as moving bodies of water caused by sudden changes in sea level. Places that are close to the sea and prone to earthquakes have great potential for the tsunami to occur.

How can tsunami occur?

Tsunamis occur when there is a vertical movement in the earth’s crust. It is because of the eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides or meteors that fall into the sea which makes the sea’s balance suddenly change to form a large wave that will sweep away everything in its path.

It’s speed alone can reach 1000 km/h or equivalent to the speed of an airplane while still at sea, whereas when it is almost on land the speed drops to 30 km/h and reach tens of meters of height. No wonder if the range of the tsunami can reach up to a radius of several kilometers and takes many casualties.

Tsunamis are one of the most dangerous natural events and they suddenly arrive. Not only buildings and facilities, this disaster also took many lives.


Earthquakes are vibrations or shocks caused by the movement of the earth’s rock layers from the bottom or bottom of the earth. This disaster occurs a lot in areas adjacent to volcanoes and around the vast ocean.

Earthquakes occur because of movements in the lower layers of the earth and also massive volcanic eruptions. This disaster happened quickly and suddenly, but the impact caused was quite large and wide.

In addition to losses in the form of property, this earthquake also took no small number of lives. This was because the arrival that could not be predicted with certainty so that many people could not prepare themselves for this disaster.

Based on the cause, earthquakes are divided into 2 type, namely tectonic earthquakes and volcanic earthquakes. Tectonic earthquakes occur because the layers of the earth’s crust become precarious or soft so they experience movement. While volcanic earthquakes are caused by volcanic activity. Tectonic earthquakes are more common than volcanic earthquakes.

Thus, earthquakes are natural disaster that occur suddenly in a fairly short period of time, but the impact can be very large and widespread.

These are 2 examples of explanation text about natural disaster. Feel free to share this to your friends and thanks for reading!

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