Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Phenomena

Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Phenomena

Examples of Explanation Text About Natural Phenomena – If you don’t know it yet, explanation text is a type of text that describes something or a phenomenon to its readers. One characteristic of explanation text is that it must be able to answer some questions in the form of ‘how‘ and ‘why‘.

There are many things that can be discussed in the explanation text, and one of them is about natural phenomena. Here are some examples of explanation text about natural phenomena:


Rainbow are optical and meteorological events where there is a collection of parallel colorful lights with each other that appear in the sky or in other media. In the sky, a rainbow looks like a light bow that leads to the horizon when it rains lightly. Besides, a rainbow can also be seen around the waterfall.

How can rainbow occur?

There are 4 cycles that make up this rainbow, including:

1. Refraction of sunlight

The rainbow is formed because there is refraction of sunlight that is deflected when it is heading for one medium to another by droplets of water found in the atmosphere.

2. Sunlight passes through water droplets

When sunlight through water droplets, the sunlight will be deflected which makes the colors separate by themselves.

3. Light deflection

Each rainbow color will be deflected at an unequal angle which makes the rainbow’s color more beautiful.

4. Rainbow colors are formed

The first deflected color is purple, while for the last color that is deflected is red. The color of the rainbow looks intact due to optical geometry in the process of color decomposition.

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We can only see rainbows when it rains together with the sun shining from the opposite side of us. We must be between the sun and the water droplets with the sun behind us. Then we and the center of the rainbow arc must be in a straight line.


Landslides are events in which land movements occur due to the mass movement of rocks or large clumps of land. The cause of the landslide itself is classified into 2 namely the driving factors and trigger factors. The driving factor is a factor that affects the condition of the material, while the trigger factor is the factor that causes the material to move.

How can landslides occur?

Some regions have even been subscribed to this landslide. Landslides can be caused by natural factors and social factors.

The natural factor that caused the occurrence of landslides was quite high rainfall which resulted in the soil becoming eroded which made it increasingly steep so that landslides occurred. Besides, it could also be caused by an earthquake that triggered shifts in rocks which caused landslides.

Whereas the social factors that cause landslides are due to human activities themselves, for example deforestation, mountainous piles of garbage, and careless land clearing can lead to this event.

For self-control, it can be done by planting trees in steep places because the trees, especially the roots, can absorb rain water so they can anticipate or minimize the occurrence of this landslide.

Landslides are indeed one of the most dangerous natural disasters. The occurrence of this landslide is very fast and it is difficult to avoid if we are in the place of the landslide. For this reason, it is necessary to take precautionary measures, one of which is planting trees in places prone to landslides and avoiding the places prone to landslides as much as possible.

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That was some examples of explanation text about natural phenomenon. Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading!

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