3 Examples of Explanation Text About Social Phenomena

3 Examples of Explanation Text About Social Phenomena

Examples of Explanation Text About Social Phenomena – Explanation text is a type of text that describes something / a phenomenon, whether a natural or social phenomenon to its readers. One characteristic of explanation text is that it must be able to answer several questions in the form of ‘why‘ and ‘how‘.

There are many things that can be discussed in the explanation text, and one of them is about social phenomena. Here are some examples of explanation text about social phenomena:

Social Media

Social media is a channel to get along and do with connecting to the internet. Use can easily send messages, share news and activities for other users.

Why can this occur?

Nowadays, social media has become the main requirement for kids to adults. There are many people ins this country using social media to interact with each other.

The social media users must agree to use it as a media to interact with each other, not to harm themselves. Because basically, social media is a tool to devote complaints. There are also some people using social media to bully others.

Social media is a means of communication that facilitates interaction between humans and can be useful for educational facilities and others. However, social media also has negative impact. If social media are misused, it can have a great impact for the victims. So, we need to be very careful in its use.


Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a threat or attack carried out through electronic messages as the media. Bullying usually occurs only in the real world, but it also occurs now in cyberspace.

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Cyberbullying is a new event because of the development of communication technology. Nowadays, it is interpreted as a hurtful act that is done intentionally through the computers, cellular and other electronic devices and those who are bullied cannot defend themselves.

Why can this occur?

Cyberbullying is done by sending comments that contain hatred on blogs, social media, e-mail, and posts in order to insult others. This can lead to reduced self-confidence of someone which leads to anxiety, and depression.

Cyberbullying is a crime that must be avoided. This is a psychological threat for individuals. For those reason, mental preparation and regulating emotions are needed when using internet.


Indonesia is a country which famous for its various cultures, languages, traditions and traditional clothing. One of important assets of that country is Batik.

Batik is a work of art from cloth that passes through the process of clipping to penglorodan. Batik was approved by UNESCO on October 2, which became an International Batik Day.

Batik now exists in various regions, and each region has its own characteristics. The process of making batik is divided into four namely batik, tie dye, printing, and stamp.

It is not a short time to learn how to make batik. Many batik industry workers work for 10 years because the need for skilled and trained workers are needed. It is not easy and takes a long time.

So, it can be concluded that we need to preserve Indonesian batik, respect and protect it together.

These are 3 examples of explanation text about social phenomena. Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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