Giving Advice and Suggestions Exercises With Answers

Giving Advice and Suggestions Exercises With Answers

Giving Advice and Suggestions Exercises – If you have read our previous article about the explanation giving advice and suggestions, then you must be able to do these exercises in order to master this subject matter.

This time, we will be providing the giving advice and suggestions exercises along with answers. So, without further ado, here it is!

Giving Advice and Suggestions Exercises

A. Match the suggestions / advice in number 1 – 8 to the responses point a – i.


You should try doing more exercise. i

1. Why don’t we visit Dubai this summer holiday? ___

2. You shouldn’t work such long hours. ___

3. Don’t think about her. ___

4. We could get her a new pen. ___

5. Shall we go out tonight? ___

6. Why don’t you ask him to meet you tonight? ___

7. Let’s go for a walk, shall we? ___

8. You could always put the decision off a little bit longer. ___
a) That’s a good idea. She is always losing hers.

b) Yes, or we could go somewhere cheaper.

c) Yes we could, but I think I’d prefer to stay at home and just watch TV.

d) That’s sensible advice, but I can’t forget her.

e) I know, but I have got a lot to do.

f) Do you think so? I think I might miss my chance if I leave it much longer.

g) Hmm. I am too shy to do that.

h) Yes, good idea. I need some fresh air.

i) Yes, you’r right. It would do me good.

B. Use the verbs in brackets, and the instructions to complete the conversation.

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Ask for adviceA:What do you thnik I should do?
Give advice B:It’s a difficult situation, but if I were you I’d think (think) about it.
Give advice A:I have, and I just don’t know what to do.That’s why I am asking you.
Give advice B:Well, (1) you _________ always _________ (accept) both jobs now.
Reject advice A:(2) _____________________ it’s just delaying the decision.
Make a suggestion B:Then, maybe you (3) _____________ (write) a list for each job with advantages and disadvantages.
Accept a suggestion, make a suggestion A:That’s a (4) _________ . (5) ___________ we __________ (do) it now?
Accept a suggestion, make a suggestion B: Yeah. OK. (6) ___________ (start) with the local job, and then do the everseas one, (7) _________________ ?
Refuse a suggestion A:Yes, or we (8) ________________ (do) each one together, comparing the positive and negative points as we do it.

C. A student wrote this reply to a letter asking for advice. Underline six more mistakes and write the corrections.

Dear Patricia,

Your letter was entirely interesting to me. You seem to be in a difficult situation. I have some advices for you. I think the first thing you do is to arrange a meeting with your daughter. Then, if I were you, I tell her how I felt about her husband’s behavior. She may get angry, but hopefully she will listen to you and understand your situation. Then, you could trying asking her to speak to her husband. She should to talk to him and find out why he is always rude to you. If she still does not understand your problems, perhaps you should to try to talk to your son-in-law yourself. The last but not least, why you don’t stop worrying too much. Your daughter is such a good friend to you so you should being happy for that!


Write your answers here:

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You do > you should do

  1. ______________ > ______________
  2. ______________ > ______________
  3. ______________ > ______________
  4. ______________ > ______________
  5. ______________ > ______________
  6. ______________ > ______________



  1. c)
  2. f)
  3. e)
  4. a)
  5. i)
  6. h)
  7. d)
  8. g)


  1. You should always accept
  2. That sounds like a good idea but
  3. Could write
  4. Good idea
  5. Shall we do it now
  6. Let’s start
  7. Shall we?
  8. Could do


  1. if I were you I tell her exactly > If I were you I’d tell her exactly
  2. hopefully she will listen > hopefully she would listen
  3. you could trying asking her > you could try to ask her
  4. She should to talk to him > She should / she’d better talk to him
  5. perhaps you should to try to talk to your son-in-law yourself > perhaps you should try to talk to your son-in-law yourself
  6. You should being happy that your daughter > You should be happy that your daughter

So, how do you feel after doing these giving advice and suggestions exercises? Have you understand this subject matter completely? Please share your opinion about this article in the comment section below. Thanks!

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