How To Deal With Rejection Like A Boss: 24 Powerful Tips

How to Deal with Rejection From A Crush, Friends, or Family – Rejection is a normal thing in life. You must have experienced it even if it’s only once (but I doubt it though). And that feels really hurt.

How To Deal With Rejection From A Girl

But whenever you got rejected, please don’t think that your life is falling apart. Because actually, there are some powerful tips for dealing with rejection.

How to Deal with Rejection Fast

What are those tips? Let’s get into them one by one:

How To Deal With Rejection From Your Crush

Falling in love is a gift. Every human being must have felt falling in love and have a crush at least once. And when you’re in love, the world feels so wonderful, right?

There is no day without imagining your crush face. In fact, you want to immediately express your feelings and say “I love you!”

With all your confidence, you have prepared various ways to express your feelings and hoped that your love would be accepted.

Unfortunately, the reality isn’t the same as you imagine. Your crush doesn’t feel what you feel and reject you. And it must be very very painful for you.

How To Deal With Rejection From A Crush

Even though it hurts, don’t feel hopeless. Never think of hurting yourself or doing stupid things that make people around you become anxious about your condition.

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No no no, you have to deal with rejection from a crushelegantly.

Don’t Feel Sad Too Long After Rejection

Feeling sad is a normal thing after your crush has just rejected you. I mean, who’s gonna be okay after expressing love to the most loved one?

But don’t be sad for a long time. You must deal with it, move on, and live your life happily as soon as possible.

Set a time period for crying or mourning. Be happy again in a week (or set it yourselfy) no matter what will you do.

Keep Calm and Stay Cool

No matter how painful you feel after rejection, never let yourself crying on the roadside or on your campus, okay?

Let’s say you have to deal with rejection from a girl you love. Then don’t update a status on Facebook or tweet about it so other people or that girl know if you’re sad. No!

How To Deal With Rejection From A Girl

It’s okay if you want to cry, but the best place to cry is in your room when you’re alone. When in public, you have to stay cool and act calm as nothing has happened!

Show people, especially your crush, that you are doing just fine even if you are rejected.

Rejection Doesn’t Mean That You’re Not Good Enough

Usually, your crush will reject you with absurd reasons such as “I still want to be alone”, “I want to focus on my study”, or “You’re too good for me.”

However, you already understand that those reasons are just bullshit. Then, you may think that your crush rejected you because of your fault.

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Negative thoughts like that will cause low self-esteem. So what should you do? Don’t ever feel that the rejection happened because of your fault. Get up, rise up, and do the things you like.

Learn Valuable Lessons From Rejection

You may often hear this:

Experience is the best teacher

And that’s 100% true. If you are rejected by your crush, then learn from the mistakes you have made before. It’s a great thing to deal with rejection.

How To Deal With Rejection From Friends

For example, maybe you just knew your crush for 1 week ago you decided to express your feelings. Of course, he/she will reject you. You barely even know his/her personalities and life yet.

By learning from experience, your next love story will be more successful.

Personal Development

This is a crucial thing to deal with rejection. Have you ever heard about this quote before?

Success is the best revenge

Let’s say you got rejected because your crush said that you’re not rich enough. What are you gonna do about it? Crying all night long? No.

How To Deal With Rejection From Family

Prove it that your crush is wrong. Be success. Be rich enough to shut your crush mouth!

Find Another Crush

The final thing to deal with rejection is to find another crush. You must get over a crush quickly.

But how exactly do you get over a crush fast? Simple. Go out and talk to people. Be humble. You will feel better and may find another crush.

That’s how you deal with rejection from a crush like boss.

How To Deal With Rejection From Family or Friends

How To Deal With Rejection At Work

Sometimes even your friends or family reject you for a reason. And that must be hard to accept. But there are some tips to deal with rejection so you won’t be sad anymore. Those tips are:

  1. Remember that rejection is a normal thing. Everyone has experienced it
  2. You may be sad and that’s okay. It’s alright to cry too
  3. Don’t extinguish your emotions by shouting or slamming things
  4. Don’t expose your anger to the people closest to you
  5. Don’t expose your sadness to any social media
  6. Divert your energy by doing something useful
  7. Give yourself time until you can calm down
  8. Think about why you get a rejection
  9. Stay confident
  10. Sleep until you feel calm and not sad anymore
  11. Eat healthy foods to improve your mood
  12. Do exercise can also help you get rid of sadness after being rejected by friends or family
  13. If you get a rejection from your family, go out with your friends and have fun with them
  14. Have fun in the right way which you comfortable
  15. Tell your closest friend about what you feel
  16. Ask a psychiatrist for help if you feel that the rejection makes you depressed
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Stay positive whenever you got rejected. You must deal with rejection like a champion after following this excellent tips. Rise up!

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