Here’s How To Fix Dropped Phone In Water: 6 Quick Steps

how to fix dropped phone in water

How To Fix Dropped Phone In Water – Did your phone just fall into the water? If so, then we have the right solution to fix it. Just so you know, there is a possibility to fix your phone on your own and turn it on again.

This tips I’ll tell you also work for these conditions:

  1. Phone keeps turning on and off after dropped in water
  2. A dropped phone in water but it still works
  3. A water damaged phone that won’t turn on
  4. Phone still works after dropped in water but no sound

You also need to know that there are some phone’s conditions after it was dropped in water:

  1. Completely dead
  2. It can be turned on but isn’t in a normal condition
  3. Blank white screen

How To Fix Dropped Phone In Water

So, without further ado, here’s how to fix dropped phone in water:

Make Sure It’s Turned Off

After you drop your phone in water, perhaps you’re panic and checking the phone’s condition immediately.

However, the right first step to fix this issue is to make sure that your phone is turned off.

how to get water out of your phone without rice

That is because of the nature of the water that is always in contrast to electronic devices, including your phone.

If you insist to turn it on, there is a possibility of causing more damage.

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Remove the Battery, SIM Card, and Memory Card

Remove the battery, SIM card, and memory card as soon as possible to minimize damage due to shorting after you drop your phone in water.

how do you fix a water damaged phone

If you are experienced in disassambling your cellphone, it would be nice to remove the components one by one.

Put the components that have been disassembled on a dry cloth.

One thing to remember, you must be really good at dissasembling phone’s part if you don’t want to add more damage to your wet phone.

Dry It Up Using A Soft Cloth

After dealing with the internal parts of your phone, now you have to dry up the outside part of your phone, especially on the screen.

Usually, the phone’s screen is often damaged after being dropped in water because they contain soft filaments that can’t stand against moisture.

dropped phone in water screen wont work

If you’re not fixing it quickly, the black spots will appear on your phone’s screen.

Use a soft cloth to dry it up slowly. Also, don’t move your phone too often. The more you move your phone, the more likely the water will go deeper into the vital components of the phone. This leads to more damage to your phone.

Don’t Blow Dry Your Phone

It is highly recommended not to blow dry your phone right after it was dropped in water. This is because the water will reach into other main parts if you blow dry it.

how to fix a water damaged phone after a month

The best way to dry up your phone is by using a vacuum cleaner. It will suck up all water inside your phone.

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How To Fix Dropped Phone In Water With Rice

Why should you use rice? Because rice is can absorb water quickly. In addition, you can find it easily in your kitchen.

how to dry out a phone with rice

Put your wet phone in a rice bag or bowl for at least 2 to 3 days, so it will absorb the water completely.

But what if you want to get water out of your phone without rice? You can use packets of silica gel as an alternative. It absorbs water quickly too.

Turn On Your Phone

The last step, try to turn on your phone and see what’s gonna happen. Is it normal again? If it is, then Thank God!

If you can turn on your phone but the screen won’t work or there’s a black spot on the screen, then consider bringing it to the nearest phone repair in your town.

But if it can’t be turned on and still dead completely, then the damage has been done by water is too much. Let it go and buy a new one.

i dropped my phone in water and it wont turn on

That’s how to fix dropped phone in water. Before you leave, we would like to inform that there are things not to do after you drop your phone in water:

  1. Don’t turn on your wet phone immediately, because water is dangerous to any electronic components.
  2. Do not charge your phone or connect it with electric power.
  3. Don’t press any phone’s button other than the power button. If you press another button, there’s a possibility that the water will go deeper to the main parts
  4. Don’t move your phone too often to minimize the damage
  5. Don’t dry it up using a hair dryer or oven, because the heat will add more damage to your phone
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When you accidentally dropped your phone in water, just stick to the tips I’ve told you in this article. That way, you will be able to fix it without bringing it to the phone repair.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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