How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 12 Powerful Tips

How to Overcome Writer's Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block – Writer’s Block is a common problem for every writer, both beginner or professional writers. This condition happens when you can no longer think of something to finish your writing. It feels like your mind is blocked, you run out of ideas, and it might stop you to write again, forever.

Even famous writer such as J. K. Rowling had experienced Writer’s Block too. She experienced it while writing Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

The term of Writer’s Block was first introduced by a psychoanalyst Edmund Bergleras “a neurotic inhibition of productivity in creative writers“.

It seems trivial, but actually, it’s not that simple to overcome Writer’s Block.

What Causes Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is not only experienced by writers, but also by everyone when they try to write something.

Based on a study from Yale psychologists in the 1970s and 1980s, the Writer’s Block is a basic writer’s problem that can be overcome.

To be able to understand this phenomenon, two psychologists named Jerome Singer and Michael Barrios conducted a study of writers with different backgrounds, namely poets and screenwriters.

They concluded that writers who had Writer’s Block think that the main cause of Writer’s Block is unhappiness. And these are the cause of unhappiness according to them:


How to Overcome Writer's Block - Lack of Ideas

Apathy is characterized by a feeling of lack of creativity in people’s minds. They often feel that the writing they created must be in accordance with strict writing rules.

If you are currently in this phase, try to refresh your mind and body. Because this can be caused by excessive fatigue.

Get out of your room to take a walk, look for fresh air, or just take a bath. You can also write freely without paying attention to the strict rules.

These simple things are very powerful for you to get brighter ideas and inspirations.


If you have narcissistic tendencies, then you’ll feel irritated when you had Writer’s Block.

You don’t want to make or publish your writings unless you get popularity, money, or other awards.

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Expecting too high is actually an obstacle to writing creativity, you know. If you want to get rid of this feeling, then try writing at your best time, which is when your mood is at its best, whether it’s morning or evening.

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Stressed Out

Also, there is one more important thing:

Write happily without expecting for something except for your own pleasure.


Do you often feel that your writing isn’t good enough, even though you’ve tried your best? If so, then you should immediately stop thinking about it, because that is one of the causes of Writer’s Block.

Instead of worrying about your writing, you better improve your writing skills to be better.

Writing is not only about stringing words together, but it is an art, supported by writing techniques, such as understanding effective sentence structure and the selection of word.


How to Overcome Writer's Block - No Inspiration

Do you often feel irritated when people compare your writings to others? As writers, you don’t want your writing to be compared to other people’s writing, right?

But, this feeling would be pressure for your mind indirectly. People who experience Writer’s Block have a tendency to be too self-critical and sometimes, it even leads to depression.

This is the last cause of Writer’s Block based on the study by Jerome Singer and Michael Barrios.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Now you know what causes Writer’s Block. But how do you overcome it? How do you get rid of Writer’s Block and start writing again? Here are the 12 powerful tips to overcome Writer’s Block:

Take a Break

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Take A Break

First, refresh your mind. Your fingers have been typing hundreds of words. Your eyes have been staring at the laptop’s screen for hours. You’re exhausted and bored.

Take a break for a moment. Go out and get some fresh air. Your mind needs to be refreshed so the bright ideas would show up and make things work as they should be.

Modify Your Outline

If you use to create an outline before you write, then you can change it in such a way when the Writer’s Block approaches you. You can analyze and find what causes you to stop thinking creatively.

This can be done by re-reading your outline, then modify it in certain parts. Perhaps by doing this, you will get some amazing ideas to continue writing.

Read Some Books

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Read Books

As a writer, don’t forget to read a book, okay? But why does a writer have to read often? So you can get inspiration and improve the quality of your writing.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere folks, like reading a book. You can do that easily.

People won’t be proficient in writing if they don’t want to read.

There is a lot of inspiration to be found in reading books. By reading them, your brain will absorb some important information related to writing techniques that you need to overcome Writer’s Block.

Find a Perfect Place to Write

When Writer’s Block approaches you, find the most comfortable place to write.

If you use to write in your room, then once in a while, look for another place to write, such as in the yard, on the edge of a quiet lake, or at the nearest coffee shop.

Find a Perfect Time to Write

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Find Perfect Time to Write

Everyone has the their own perfect time to write. There is nothing in common.

Basically, the most perfect time for writing depends on how do you improve your focus to the maximum level on what you do.

There are types of people who use to write at night before going to bed, and there are also those who love to write at morning after waking up.

In addition, there are people who are able to write in noisy/crowded situations. However, there are also those who are only able to write in quiet and calm situations.

All you need to do is analyzing your best time to write and do it daily.

Searching For Additional Information On Social Media

Writer’s Block will force you to search for a lot of information for your writing needs. Therefore, you must find information that matches your writing as a reference.

Social media can be a solution to overcoming the Writer’s Block. You can browse articles that are spread on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Find Trending Content

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Google Trends
Google Trends: One Way to Find Trending Content

Take advantage of search engines like Google to find content that is currently trending. WWhy do you have to look for something that is trending? Because people will absolutely love it and they will try to find things related to it.

In addition, the current trend information will always be updated so that you will not run out of ideas for your writing.

Talk To Friends

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Talk to Friends

You can also talk to friends and hear stories from them to overcome the Writer’s Block. You can turn the conversation as an inspiration for your writing if you are creative and open-minded enough.

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Basically, writers are similar to reporters who must be able to get information as much as possible from any source.

Use A Mind Map

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Mind Map
The example of Mind Map

Using a Mind Map is one of the powerful tips to overcome the Writer’s Block.

But how do you use the Mind Map? Easy, you don’t need to make it as neat as possible. You just need to write one big idea that is the main foundation of your writing, then describe the idea based on 5W’s and 1H.

  1. What
  2. Why
  3. Who
  4. Where
  5. When
  6. How

But you also need the ability to think smartly when using this trick.

Always Carry a Notebook

How to Overcome Writer's Block: 12 Powerful Tips - Take a Note

It is important for you to carry a notebook when traveling anywhere because brilliant ideas usually appear when you travel to places you have never visited. It will give you the opportunity to get new experiences, then turn them into a solution to overcome the Writer’s Block.

Don’t forget to carry a notebook wherever you go, so that when a brilliant idea appears, you won’t miss it.

Watch Some Good Movies

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Watch Good Movies

Watching a really good movie can inspire you to write. There are many film’s genre that you can explore to overcome the Writer’s Block. Such as:

  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Documentary
  • Action

You can watch them as references to get more ideas for your writing.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs

How to Overcome Writer's Block - Listen to Your Favorite Songs

Not only books but music also helps you a lot in writing. Music presents audio that makes you feel more comfortable and it boosts your mood.

Even music also introduces you to various expressions or variations in feelings such as sadness, joy, fear, enthusiasm, and others.

Just so you know, there are some styles of music to listen while you write to improve your writing quality, such as classical, instrumental, ambient, etc.

These are some powerful tips to overcome the Writer’s Block. You can apply this tips when Writer’s Block approaches you. But all of this tips would be useless if you lose interest in writing and decide to give up.

Hope this is helpful and don’t ever give up folks!

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