How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment: 14 Best Tips

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Tips to Survive Toxic Work Environment – Having a job that fits your passion is a dream for everyone but it’s pretty hard to find. Meanwhile, you have to keep working to finance your daily needs, no matter how toxic your work environment is.

Just so you know, there are some signs or examples of a bad work environment, such as:

  1. Monotonous work (commonly found in factory jobs)
  2. The boss who’s like to angry without clear reasons
  3. Complicated company regulations
  4. Backstabbing co-workers
  5. Unhealthy work environment

Those signs would likely to reduce your productivity at work. But, before you get your dream job, you have to survive even though it’s no longer conducive for your physical or mental health.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

So how to survive a toxic work environment until you get a nice proper job? Here are some best tips to survive a toxic work environment:

Think Positive

In the midst of a toxic work environment, it is very important for you to always have positive thoughts in yourself. This method will help you think more clearly while facing every problem that comes and goes.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

If things you hate at work come at any time, calm down, and stick to your mind that you want to be a good and positive person.

Wash your face to calm yourself and reduce the pressure in your mind. Don’t go into negative things done by other coworkers. Focus on your work and do your best.

Don’t Give Up Easily

The second thing you need to do when you realized you are in a toxic work environment is not to give up easily.

Fight hard and remember what your goals. Even though the environment is not at your side, don’t give up or decide to quit your job quickly.

Hang in there for a while until you get another job that can replace your current job.

It will be a nightmare for your finances if you force yourself to quit your current job while not having a backup plan.

Joke Around At Work Occasionally

Toxic things aren’t always coming out of something negative, but they maybe come from your negative point of view.

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Instead of being depressed and complaining all the time because of a toxic work environment, look for things that you can make jokes with coworkers.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Believe me, in any situation, there will always be things that can be laughed at in your workplace. Joking around is one of things to cope in a hostile work environment.

If you are still unfamiliar with this method, you can use other techniques to make jokes, such as by telling funny stories with others.

There is nothing wrong with telling a shameful childhood experience or your love life to make your work environment less toxic.

Don’t Engage in Gossip

Joking around with coworkers is a positive thing to do. But remember, if they start gossiping or talking bad about other people, don’t ever join in the conversation.

Stop and keep yourself away from these non-important conversations. You can put a sign on your desk as a sign that you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed by friends who are gossiping.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Talking and complaining behind your boss’s back with your friends at work may seem fun. But it brings you into the negativity that you have been complaining about all this time.

Remember, your goal is to survive a toxic work environment, not to be the ones who create it.

The example of a negative work environment is the employees keep gossiping and complaining all the time.

Take A Break

If you really feel tired because of too many jobs or the toxic work environment, there is no harm in taking a break in the middle of work hours.

Wait, are you too afraid to do it because there are still jobs that you haven’t finished yet? Or because you don’t want to be judged as a bad employee by your boss?

Please don’t be, because taking a break is important if you want to be productive in the midst of a toxic work environment.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

There are many ways to take a break while you work, for example:

  1. Walking around
  2. Go to the pantry and make warm drinks so you will become more relaxed
  3. If you go to the workplace using a car, you can “hide” in it for a while, and listening to your favorite songs before returning to your desk

Do this while you work and you will survive a hostile work environment.

Help Others

A negative work environment is formed by negative individuals. Whereas one of the causes of someone being negative is unresolved problems.

If you find coworkers who are negative in the workplace, you can approach them and start to find out what problems they have.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Ask them whether they want to tell you or not. You can also give advice, advice, or even help them to solve the problem. Help others.

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By doing this, you won’t only survive a toxic work environment, but you will also get new friends.

But there is one thing to remember, not everyone wants to share their problems with you. Don’t force yourself into people’s lives and respect their privacy.

Be Yourself

Sometimes, you feel stressed in a toxic work environment because you are too tired to hide your true self and always pretend to be someone else.

Or maybe you don’t really enjoy your work because your passion and your current job are completely different.

If you feel this way, it is very important for you to re-emerge your true self at work.

Be yourself when communicating with your boss or coworkers. Don’t feel ashamed of your true self, because basically, humans do have unique and different characteristics.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Don’t ever forget to have fun and clear your mind even though you are busy with the work. It is a right thing to do if you want to survive in a toxic work environment.

There are a lot of ways to have fun, you can go out with your friends or family. Watch some good movies. Go to a concert and dance around. Etc.

The point is, don’t let the negative work environment turns yourself into a negative individual too.

What Happens in Your Workplace, Stays There

It’s not a good idea to bring negative things from your work place to home, which should be where you rest and gather positive energy.

Once you get out of your workplace, forget all the negative things there.

Stop opening your email, turn off notifications from your boss or coworkers, and do your favorite activities.

Find Friends To Talk To

One of the most important parts of being able to survive a toxic work environment is to have friends who are always ready to listen to your complaints and problems.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

By telling it, you can get rid of your frustration and find the right solution for your problems. But make sure to share your problems with friends who can be trusted, okay?

Find Positive Things in Your Workplace

No matter how toxic your environment is, you must maintain your work motivation and enthusiasm. Getting carried away negatively will not bring any benefits to your career.

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So, find positive things in your work, no matter how small they are. You will be able to survive a toxic work environment by focusing on those positive things.

There’s a possibility that the problem you are facing right now is a challenge that teaches you to be wiser and more creative. Make this toxic work environment as a stepping stone to get a better job in the future.

Create Boundaries and Dare To Say “No”

If your work makes you feel uncomfortable, making boundaries is one thing you can do. This is indeed difficult but it is important to keep you away from the negative aura.

It’s okay for you to say no when you’re asked to complete work during the holidays. You can also decline or ignore phone calls from the boss that keeps bothering you at weekends.

As long as you don’t ignore your obligations, you have the right to say no and create boundaries in the workplace. This is another thing to do to survive a toxic work environment.

Create A Non-Toxic Work Environment

How to survive a toxic work environment? Simple, create a non-toxic work environment instead.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

Trust me if the positive aura can be contagious. Even though your working environment is toxic, you can still create a positive aura and spread it around. This is another way to survive a toxic work environment.

Fill your desk with photos and accessories that can make you feel happier. Remind yourself that the workplace isn’t your place to stay all day long. You still have other stuff to do outside your current job.

Avoid Communication Misunderstandings

Misunderstandingsbetween coworkers shouldn’t be allowed to drag on and on. Any problems in the workplace should be resolved immediately in the workplace too.

This is important to prevent problems from widening and disturbing others. Effective communication is the key to all relationships, including with coworkers.

How To Survive A Toxic Work Environment

These are the best tips to survive a toxic work environment. Learn these workplace survival skills to keep your mind sane while working in a toxic company.

I know that having a job in a bad environment is a nightmare for everyone. But you gotta survive until you get another job. Stay strong!

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