How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome – Nowadays, surfing the internet is something everyone does. Everyone definitely needs important information that only exists on the internet, including you. But do you ever think about the safety of the sites you have visited?

There are thousands of sites that spread malware, both those that damage your computer/laptop or those that only infect your browser, such as Google Chrome. In fact, Ransomware also often infects your PC without you realizing it because it is given by an unsafe website secretly.

Windows 10 is already equipped with a built-in antivirus program, namely Windows Defender. But is it enough? Of course not.

As a user, you also have to take part in taking care of your devices because if you don’t care about them, there’s a possibility that some malicious viruses would infect your PC/laptop.

If you are currently using the latest version of Google Chrome, the tips we will provide may protect your computer. Because without you knowing it, Google Chrome is already equipped with effective protection against malware. It could detect malware on your computer, not only on your browser.

It turns out that Google has teamed up with ESET in dealing with malware issues. ESET is an IT security company famous for its antivirus called NOD32. Therefore, if you use Google Chrome as a browser, from now on you can use the built-in malware scanner to protect your computer.

One thing you need to know that the malware scanner on Google Chrome will only detect malware if run manually. So, use it every time you want to clean malware from your computer just in case you don’t have an anti-virus.

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Easy Way to Use The Built-In Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

Here’s how to do it:

Open Google Chrome, then copy and paste URL below on search bar and press Enter. After that, click Find


How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome
Find harmful software

The process of scanning malware will run for a while. Its duration depends on the storage you use (SSD or HDD) and the number of files on your computer. This service will also detect if your Google Chrome is hijacked by a third party.

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome
Ongoing process of checking for harmful software

You can also do it manually. Click the 3 dots at the top right side of Chrome and go to Settings

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

Click on Advancedoption at the bottom

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

At the Restore and clean up option, click Clean up computer

How to Use Malware Scanner on Google Chrome

That’s how to use malware scanner on Google Chrome to clean your computer. This built-in service is quite powerful, but it would be better if you also install another powerful antivirus to keep your PC/laptop safe every time.

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