4 Magnificent Pink Park Around The World

Top 4 Magnificent Pink Park You Must Visit – You usually see a park as a green place filled with trees and other fresh plants. But do you know that in several countries, they have a pink park? It’s really dazzling!

If you’re willing to visit these pink park around the world, you have to come at the right time. Why? Here are the answers:

Yangju Nari Park, South Korea

One of the best ways to enjoy autumn in South Korea is to go to Yangju Nari Park in Yung Ju. You can enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers and autumn winds.

This place has many kinds of flowers and other colorful plants, but the tourist’s favorite is the area of pink Bassia Scoparia and Muhly Grass flowers.

Not only a flower garden, but there are also many photo spots with unique photo properties, such as the iconic London-style telephone box.

Wild Pink Hair Grass Field, Shanghai, China

One country that has pink grasslands is Shanghai, China. The Muhlenbergia capillaries or muhly grass grows on a 3.2 hectares area. This pink grass field is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Shanghai because of its beauty.

From a distance, this place is like a field filled with soft pink cotton candy. Many people come here to take pictures, from ordinary selfies to pre-wedding.

This grass only grows in autumn during September – November. Unfortunately, high public interest makes the number of visitors uncontrolled.

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Many of them cycling in the middle of the fields and even pulling out the grass to take home so that the grass field had been damaged by being trampled on. Ouch!

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is one of the most romantic places in Vietnam. Besides being covered with wild sunflowers and red maple trees, the colors make this place more attractive to see.

Although the color is very feminine, the durability of the plants is extraordinary, you know. They can still grow on dry or rocky soil. Its soft texture feels like pink or magenta colored goose feathers.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

To be able to see this fantastic view in the picture below, you must come to Japan in the fall. Because Kochia’s flowers will change their color from green to pink at that time.

You can find this pink flower field at Hitachi Seaside Park (HSP), Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

HSP is a favorite tourist destination for local and foreign tourists because of its magnificent view. This 3.5-hectare park offers a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year, even in winter.

The color of the Kochia’s flower will change according to the season. So, the best time to enjoy this pink park is in autumn, before the end of October.

These are the top 4 magnificent pink park around the world. If you want to go there, make sure take pictures as many as possible without ruining or damaging the park. Alright?

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