5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make – Are you among those who like to write? Maybe from elementary to high school, you have even written several diaries. You wrote something that you couldn’t express to others in that diary. By writing, you feel better and more relieved every single day.

Well, it turns out your hobby is not just a hobby. It can even be a passion that you haven’t been aware of. Day after day, you write more and have a dream to write a best-selling book.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

Is being a professional writer impossible for beginners like you? Not at all. A dream that are followed by hard work will be come true one day.

Of course, you can learn how to write correctly. But, there are 3 other things that are not less important than that, which are:

Still Writing, Keep Writing, and Write More!

In order to make that dream come true, avoid these 5 mistakes every beginner writers make:

Too Lazy To Read

The first mistake every beginner writers make is too lazy to read. Reading is one of the things that is very important for any writer, cause it connects with the ability to write something.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

By reading books, blogs, or websites, you can finish your writing more easily and new ideas will come to you by themselves.

Without reading, you won’t be able to finish your writing easily. This is what causes the term Writer’s block to emerge.

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Too Lazy To Write

This is a very common beginner writer’s mistake. Let me ask you this. What will happen if a person who dreams of becoming a professional writer rarely write? How can you achieve that dream if you don’t want to do it? A writer writes something.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

If your writing skills aren’t as good as J.K. Rowling or J.R.R Tolkien, screw that. Because the most important thing about writing is to keep practicing.

You must be able to finish your writing. In addition, make sure every day you take the time to write, even if only one to two pages. It’s more than enough. Within a month, your writing is 30-60 pages long. How cool is that!

Not Confident with Your Own Writing

Why should you feel unconfident with your own writing? Maybe your writing isn’t as good as Ernest Hemingway. That’s okay.

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

You just started, show your writing to your closest people, such as friends, relatives, or parents. Let them appreciate and judge. All you need to do is writing and finishing your writing.

If you just wrote one page, then throw it away cause you think isn’t as good as Stephen King’s “It”, when will your writing be finished? Believe me, being a great writer requires a process and takes time.

Not Enjoying the Process

Did you know that the works of famous writers have been rejected many times? Not only once, but it could be dozens of times. Then how about you who are impatient and not enjoying the process?

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

You need to crawl before you can walk, and you need to walk before you can run. Same goes to you. Be patient, your dreams will come true if you don’t quit and keep going.

Learn to rest, not to quit.

Fear of Rejection

If you are afraid that your writing will be rejected by the publisher, you should refrain from becoming a professional writer.

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There will only be 2 possibilities when you send your writing to the publisher: accepted or rejected. Both are risks that you must deal with. So, why should you fear of rejection?

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Writers Make

It’s not always about bad writing, it might not be what the publisher wants.

Therefore, find out the publisher’s character you’ll send your writing to. If you are rejected once? Fix and send it to other publishers. If you’re rejected again, fix it again and again until the publisher got no reason to reject. It’s simple, isn’t it?

These are the 5 mistakes every beginner writers make you should avoid. If your real passion is writing, then love it and enjoy every process.

Your dream will come true as long as you don’t quit. Feel free to share and thanks for reading this.

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