Past Perfect Tense Exercises

Past Perfect Tense Exercises

Past Perfect Tense Exercises – Past Perfect Tense is one of the tense that is quite difficult for some students to understand, not only because the form of it is confusing, but this tense also has almost the same meaning as Past Tense.

Now, Writer River will be providing the past perfect tense exercises. Without further ado, here they are:

Past Perfect Tense Exercises

Do your best guys!

Exercise 1: Thinking about time

a) Read the text below. It is about the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson in Malaysia in 1967. Underline any forms of the past perfect.

The news was not good when they got back at about 4.00. They had searched the main paths from the house and with help from local people they had also searched a large area of the jungle, but had found nothing. No one claimed that they had seen Jim, a tall man in his sixties. Martin had gone down to the town and asked at the taxi and bus stands, but the result was the same. Martin and Jones went out again to make further inquiries after having a rest.

Martin and Jones, this time, went to the golf club in Tanah Rata. They wanted to ask people there if anyone had seen Jim. They found that the police had just been and interviewed everyone when they got there. A man that looked like Jim had been claimed to be seen at about 3.00 the afternoon before, walking down the hill from the golf club. However, when Martin and Jones asked the man who had claimed to see Jim more questions, they discovered that the description did not really match. The man he had seen was wearing blue trousers and a white jacket, but Jim was wearing a pair of grey trousers and had left his jacket behind.

b) In the columns below, write four events that happened before 4.00, four events that happened after 4.00, and one event on that day for which we do not know the time.

Before 4.00After 4.00Don’t know
They searched the main paths
______________ ______________ ______________
______________ ______________ ______________
______________ ______________ ______________
______________ ______________ ______________
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Exercise 2: Comments and explanations

Add a comment or explanation to the sentences below using the words in brackets and the past perfect simple or continuous.


That year he bought a large and expensive Lamborghini. He’d always wanted one. (always / want)

  1. He looked exhausted and was breathing heavily. _________________________ (run)
  2. She refused the shellfish when it was offered at her table. _______________________ (never / like)
  3. I was surprised when she ordered a dessert because _________________________ (already have / three courses.
  4. They finally let him have a better computer. ___________________________ (ask for / for weeks)
  5. She was delighted to be offered the work. ___________________________ (just / lose her job)
  6. His health wasn’t too good. ___________________________ (have / several operations)
  7. I was relieved when the bus came. ___________________________ (wait / since 7.00)
  8. I was not able to drive them to the airport. ___________________________ (car / break down)
  9. Their performance was wonderful. __________________________ (practise / for months)
  10. When Jim Thompson’s friends woke up after their lunchtime sleep he wasn’t there. they did not except him to be out long because __________________________ (not take / jacket)

Exercise 3: Learning from learners

Read the extracts from three learners’ essays. Write down “correct” at the end of the sentences if you find no mistakes in the extracts, but if find any, underline it and correct it.

  1. We were lucky that a group of scouts left a rope which helped us reach the bottom safely. _______
  2. Mimi’s family moved into the house next to mine. Not long after that, Mimi became my best friend and we did everything together. _______
  3. It has been almost six years since I last saw her. I miss everything we had together. _______
  4. This was his second marriage. He had been married before, but he had become bored. ______
  5. He told his ex-wife that he has decided to marry again. _______
  6. After lunch my brother and I went exploring. We had climbed a small hill behind the wood. _______
  7. He met her at a party. She had been dancing with one of his colleagues. _______
  8. When I first had met her she was very quiet. _______
  9. We couldn’t find the way home because we have lost the path. _______
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These are three past perfect tense exercises for you. Feel free to share this to your friends or teacher. Visit our website regularly so you won’t miss any update in the future. Thanks!

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