COMPLETE GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

Powerful Steps to Write for Beginner – Writing is considered as a boring activity by some people. But when you are already in the world of writing, you definitely feel how fun it is to put your ideas and experiences into a book or blog.

By writing, you can also enrich your knowledge and share information with many people. Well, for those of you who are interested and want to learn to write, you can follow these 7 powerful tips for beginner writers below:

Step 1: Choosing a Right Topic

The main key when you are learning to write for the first time is choosing a topic that you really like & understand.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

For example, you do like to cook, then write tips and recipes that you have tried at home. You do like to read books or watch movies, so write reviews about them. You do like traveling and exploring places, tell your readers about your experience.

Something will be easier if you can enjoy while doing it. You’ll also enjoy the writing process even more.

Step 2: Using a Writing Frame

After choosing a topic, you can use a writing frame as the next step. According to BBC, a writing frame is a guide you can use when planning your writing. It could be in the form of a table or headed boxes. The point is to think about what you want to write.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners
The example of a writing frame

For example:

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You want to write about tourist attractions in Malta. The first paragraph should be the general information about Malta itself, such as its location, people, and culture. Then start reviewing the first tourist attraction in the second paragraph. And go on and on until the conclusion in the last paragraph.

Using a writing frame will help a lot in remembering what you want to write. You can also use it to collect data for your writing.

Step 3: Collecting Data

Writing without data is like cooking food without ingredients. Without data, you won’t be able to make credible writing. In fact, the information that you provide will be read by many people later.

What happens if the data of your writing is incorrect? You can mislead the reader. Therefore, data is one of the most important elements in writing.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners
Methods of data collection

There are two types of data that you can find for your writing. The first type is Primary Data. It is obtained directly from the resource person. To be able to collect it, you have to go through an interview with the resource person.

The second type of data is Secondary Data. You can collect secondary data from literature such as books, online journals, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, or other online media.

Step 4: Start Writing!

After you collect the data, now it’s the time for you to write! Find a quiet place where you can explore your ideas optimally.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

It’s a better thing if you write on paper first then on a laptop/computer. Don’t forget to use the writing frame you have created.

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There’s no need to rush. If you got nothing to write or got no inspiration, stop for a moment and do other activities such as listening to music, eating snacks, playing games, or watching an episode of your favorite TV show.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

After relaxing for a while, you can write again.

Step 5: Editing Your Writing

One of the most exciting step of the writing process is when you become an editor for your own work.

After you finish writing, reread your writing from beginning to end. Pay attention to:

  1. The placement of punctuation
  2. Grammar
  3. Margins
  4. Use of compound sentences
  5. Bodynotes and footnotes
  6. Bibliography
  7. How to write foreign words

Also, note the continuity between sentences. Has the first sentence connected with the second sentence or actually jumped from the topic in the first sentence?

Has your writing been systematic so that it is easy to read and understand?

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

Don’t confuse readers

Well, by checking all the aspects above, you will understand the right and systematic procedures for writing.

Step 6: Choosing a Right Media

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

Becoming an expert writer requires a long time. Therefore, use the media around you to help you in distributing your writing. You can submit it as a guest post in well-known blogs or create your own blog/website.

The important thing is to stay diligent and give your best when you write!

Step 7: Sharing via Social Media

The last step for beginner to write is sharing the writing via social media. You can use them as your writing publicity. It’s a simple yet effective technique, simply because everybody has social media accounts.

FULL GUIDE: 7 Powerful Steps to Write for Beginners

Share your writing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It will lead more people to read what you have written.

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It can also invite criticism and suggestions from readers so that you can learn more about your shortcomings in the writing process.

These are the 7 powerful steps to write for beginners. And of course, it must be supported by your willingness to diligently write. The more you practice, the more you will be able to be an expert writer soon. Hope this article is useful and see you in my next article.

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