Present Perfect Simple Tense Exercises

Present Perfect Simple Tense Exercises

Present Perfect Simple Tense Exercises – English has various tenses, one of them is the Present Perfect Simple or also called the Present Perfect Tense. This type of tense uses the 3rd form of the verb, so the formula is Subject + have / has + Verb 3.

Today, we’re about to give you the present perfect simple tense exercises, in order to make you be better at understanding this tense.

Present Perfect Simple Tense Exercises

As always guys, do your best!

Exercise 1: Thinking about meaning

Read 10 situations below and put a tick mark (v) for the best sentence a) or b) based on each situation!


The baby’s day old and is doing well. a) My sister’s had a baby. v
b) My sister had a baby. __

Read the sentence and choose the answer carefully!

1.I am talking about my trip around Eastern Europe last year.a) I haven’t been to Prague. _
b) I didn’t go to Prague. _
2.It’s 7.30 a.m. The postman usually comes between 7.15 a.m. and 7.45 a.m.a) The postman hasn’t come yet. _
b) The postman didn’t come this morning. _
3.Alice is a good friend of mine.a) She knew me when we were children. _
b) She has known me since we were children. _
4.I am telling you this just after I heard the news.a) A large shark attacked a swimmer on Australia’s western coast. _
b) A large shark has attacked a swimmer on Australia’s western coast. _
5.She is back with her family now.a) She got lost for ten days. _
b) She has got lost for ten days. _
6.My knee is much better now.a) I hurt my knee. _
b) I have hurt my knee. _
7.I am giving a friend recent news about Alexander.a) Alexander gave up smoking. _
b) Alexander has given up smoking. _
8.Mike didn’t get the job.a) Mike applied for a new job. _
b) Mike has applied for a new job. _
9.I am still studying math with the same teacher.a) I learned a lot from my math teacher. _
b) I have learned a lot from my math teacher. _
10.The drug was very dangerous so no one ever used it.a) Scientists found a new drug. _
b) Scientists have found a new drug. _
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Exercise 2: Learning from learners

Below is a conversation between two old friends and a learner completed a present perfect / past simple gap-fill exercise within it. Check all of the answers and write “right” if they are right or correct them if they are wrong.

A : Have you (x) seen (see) William recently? He (y) grew (grow) a beard!
B : Yes, actually. I (1) have seen (see) him last week in the supermarket. I think the beard suits him.
A : Yes, it’s OK. He (2) has lost (lose) a lot of hair in the past few years though.
B : Oh, poor William! All of us (3) changed (change) quite a lot. Look at Marsha. She (4) lost (lose) so much weight since she was a teenager.
A : Yes. I (5) have never been able to (be able to) lose weight. Anyway, the reason I (6) have asked (ask) you about William was that he (7) has decided (decide) to conduct a reunion next month. We’re all invited. He’s only inviting people he (8) has met (meet) at college.
B : That sounds fun. I (9) met (meet) William on my first day of college. We were only 17 and he seemed really shy. He (10) changed (change) a lot since then, that’s for sure.
A : Look, I had better go. I am going to a friend’s house, but I (11) haven’t been (not be) there before and I don’t want to get lost and be late. She (12) just moved (just move) house and is having a party to celebrate.


x = right
y = has grown

  1. ______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________
  4. ______________
  5. ______________
  6. ______________
  7. ______________
  8. ______________
  9. ______________
  10. ______________
  11. ______________
  12. ______________
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Exercise 3: Getting the form right

Fill in the gaps in the letter to a newspaper travel advice column with a verb from the box in the present perfect tense.

bebegivego up

Dear Susie,

I would like to ask you something, but first I’m going to tell you my little past travel experience. I have not had a vacation since last year. However, this summer, my company (1) _______ me four weeks’ holiday, so I want to go somewhere really exciting. I (2) _______ always travelling and (3) _______ lots of exciting trips in the past. This year I am not sure where I want to go. I (4) _______ already to Africa and Asia but I (5) never _______ South America so maybe that’s where I should go. My friend (6) _______ recently _______ from Brazil and she has some wonderful photographs of the carnival in Rio. However, I (7) _______ that a trip to Brazil is quite expensive and the cost of airfares (8) just . Could you recommend me any good place to go? I (9) _______ your travel page every week for the past year, and really respect your advice. (10) _______ you ever _______ to Brazil yourself?

These are the present perfect simple tense exercises for you guys. We truly hope that you’ll be more understand about this tense right after doing these exercises. See you on the next exercise!

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