Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text Exercises With Answers

Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text Exercises With Answers

Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text Exercises – Narrative Text is a text contains a story or a description of series of events. You can understand this text easily if you keep studying and practicing.

Now we got some exercises for you.

Reading Comprehension on Narrative Text Exercises

Read the story of Dianne and answer the following questions.

Dianne the Heroine

Donnie and Dianne were twins. Although is the older brother and Dianne was the younger sister, Dianne was always a head taller and five kilos heavier than him when they were growing up. The other bad thing to Donnie was that Dianne was the biggest kid in class, while he was the smallest. Kids in class had continually made fun of his size and lack of athletic ability. They would say, ‘Hey Don! Your twin sister still beat you up?’ Or they would chant again and again at the school canteen, ‘Donnie, Donnie is so small, but his sister is so tall.’ Donnie believed that chant was hurtful to him and Dianne, but he only felt his own. He took no notice of his sister’s feelings. When the kids made jokes about her, like calling her ‘little Dianne’ for describing the reality of the bigness of his twin sister’s body, it was even a relief for him not being the target of the jokes, and he did nothing to stop the kids. Nothing seemed to bother Dianne, Donnie thought. He just assumed that her feeling was as tough as her body. That was until the day she snapped.

There was a new girl, Jenny, who wore a thick glasses, and without them was nearly blind. The latest chant that the kids had come up with was ‘Jenny’s small and fat, and blind as a bat’.
One day at a lunch time, Dianne and Jenny were standing together in line. Suddenly, David, a student from my class, ran up behind Jenny amd snatched her glassed off her face. Everyone began the chant as they carelessly tossed her glasses down the line.

Donnie watched Dianne’s face as it was happening. There seemed to be an anger brewing behind her eyes. David had gotten the glasses back and was waving them around the air. That’s when it happened. With one hand, Dianne grabbed the glasses from him and with the other hand, she hit him in the face with such force that he fell over. Everyone froze in shock for a second until David screamed ‘Get her!’ Some different students rushed toward Dianne. She held the glasses up as if to protect them and looked panicked until she made eye contact with Donnie. ‘Dianne! Here!’ Donnie screamed, gesturing that she throw him the glasses. She tossed the glasses to him, and he caught them. She then faced the students who were rushing toward her. She skillfully defended herself by knocking them down one at a time as they approached her. She stopped fighting only when no one else dared move toward her.

Donnie brought the glasses over and gave them to David. ‘Say sorry and give Jenny back the glasses’, he told David. The naughty boy said nothing. Dianne then glared over him and said ‘Say you are sorry and give her back her glasses’ as she dragged him over to Jenny. ‘S-s-sorry…’ , said David as he handed her the glasses. Jenny took them and her eyes round with shock.

Someone started clapping at that time. it was quiet at first, then almost everyone joined in. the day marked a change for them all.

Answer these following questions!

1. Who were the twins?
2. Did both of them have the same built?
3. Why did Donny’s friends make fun of his size? How?
4. Did they do the same to Dianne? How?
5. Who bullied Jenny?
6. What kind of bullies did she get?
7. How did Dianne react with what was happening?
8. What did she do?
9. How did Donny participate in the action?
10. How could Dianne make David to say sorry to Jenny?


1. The twins were Dianne and Donnie.
2. No, they did not.
3. Because Donnie is the smallest student in his class and lack of athletic ability. His friends said “Hey Don! Your twin sister still beat you up?” or “Donnie, Donnie is so small, but his sister is so tall”.
4. Yes, they did. They said “Little Dianne” to Dianne.
5. The kids that made jokes of Donnie and Dianne bullied Jenny.
6. The kids said “Jenny’s small and fat, and blind as a bat” and they took the glasses of Jenny.
7. Dianne was very angry.
8. She hit the kids who took Jenny’s glasses.
9. Dianne gave the glasses to Donnie. He gave the glasses to David and asked him to give the glasses back to Jenny.
10. Dianne glared over David and said “Say you are sorry and give her back her glasses” as she dragged him over to Jenny.

So, did you correctly answer all of the questions? Please tell us by writing down a comment below! Thanks.

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