Regular and Irregular Verbs Exercises With Answers

Regular and Irregular Verbs Exercises With Answers

Regular and Irregular Verbs Exercises With Answers – Verb is a word that explains what the subject is doing in a sentence. In English, there are several types of verbs, one of them is Regular Verb and Irregular Verb which are classified according to their characteristics.

The Regular Verb is a verb where Verb 2 and Verb 3 have the same form as Verb 1 with suffix -ed (in general). While the Irregular Verb is a verb where Verb 2 and Verb 3 have different forms with Verb 1.

Regular and Irregular Verbs Exercises

As always guys, do your best!

I. Complete the sentences by changing the verb in the brackets into the appropriate forms. It can be past or past participle form!

  1. The speech competition _________ (start) two weeks ago in Senior High School 8.
  2. The little boy _________ (break) his friend’s bicycle last morning.
  3. The new student has __________ (see) me, but he did not say ‘hi’ to me.
  4. Our friends _________ (watch) cartoons in my house a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Vienna _________ (look) very sad because she did not win the competition yesterday.
  6. Have you __________ (read) the novel that I recommended?
  7. My cousins _________ (play) hide and seek with me this morning.
  8. She ___________ (forget) to buy me some candies and a bottle of mango juice.
  9. My brother __________ (sleep) very late last night because he wanted to finish his project.
  10. Moana _________ (take) the cake for her birthday party from her favorite bakery yesterday.
  11. James and Tina have _________ (go) to Spain by plane for holiday just now.
  12. All students and teachers _________ (wear) sport uniform to celebrate sport’s day last Monday.
  13. He should have _________ (know) that his friends would come to his house.
  14. The boy _________ (misunderstand) our intention to invite him to join speech competition.
  15. A little girl ___________ (hear) a strange voice near her house at night.
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II. Change the verbs in brackets into the Past Tense.

Last Thursday (16. to be) __________ a very wonderful day for me. I (17. get) __________ up at 4 in the morning, (18. have) __________ breakfast with my family, and (19. take) __________ a shower. Then, I (20. wait) __________ for my best friend to put make-up on my face. That day (21. to be) ___________ my wedding day, and I (22. feel) __________ very nervous. My family and I (23. get) ___________ ready at 7 a.m. One hour later, my fiancé and his family (24. come) __________ to my house. At 9 a.m., the wedding ceremony (25. begin) _________ . Our families (26. invite) __________ many people to the wedding party. Every guest in the party (27. look) _________ happy to see us. Finally, we (28. become) __________ a couple of husband and wife. Everyone (29. enjoy) __________ our wedding party. In our wedding party, there (30. to be) __________ lots of kinds of foods, beverages, and sweets. Moreover, some of our friends (31. give) __________ performances for the guests. They danced and (32. sing) __________ for us. All people in the party (33. wish) _________ that we (34. will) _________ be happy ever after, and we (35. hope) _________ it, too.

III. Choose the correct verb for each sentence and change it into the correct form of Past Tense.

  • Say
  • Think
  • Watch
  • See
  • Drink
  • Go
  • Eat
  • Buy
  • Walk
  • Do

36. My mother __________ a cup of coffee with my father this morning.
37. John ___________ a film with his girlfriend in the new cinema yesterday.
38. Alice ___________ children and their parents at park. They had a garden party.
39. My friends __________ that wearing white blouse for work would be better.
40. The students __________ their assignment and project at school two days ago.
41. Diana __________ that the little boy who wore blue jacket was so cute.
42. My brother __________ with me to the new restaurant in our town yesterday.
43. My sister ___________ to Bali island with her friends and teachers for a field trip.
44. The old man __________ too much sugar last month, so he was feeling sick.
45. The woman wearing red dress __________ some candies for her little child.

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1. Started
2. Broke
3. Has seen
4. Watched
5. Looked
6. Read
7. Played
8. Forgot
9. Slept
10. Took
11. Have gone
12. Wore
13. Should have known
14. Misunderstood
15. Heard

16. Was
17. Got
18. Had
19. Took
20. Waited
21. Was
22. Felt
23. Got
24. Came
25. Began
26. Invited
27. Looked
28. Became
29. Enjoyed
30. Were
31. Gave
32. Sang
33. Wished
34. Would
35. Hoped

36. Drank
37. Watched
38. Saw
39. Said
40. Did
41. Thought
42. Walked
43. Went
44. Ate
45. Bought

That was the regular and irregular exercises with answers. You can do these exercises with your friends so you can study and learn about this tense together. Thanks!

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