Short Speech On Environment For Students

Short Speech On Environment For Students

Speech On Environment For Students In School – Speech is an idea or thought conveyed by someone to the public verbally at a certain event or meeting, such as the environment day. There are many themes that can be conveyed in a speech, one of them is about the environment.

If you’re looking for an example of short speech about the environment, then you were coming to the right place. Because we will be providing a short speech on environment for students.

Short Speech On Environment For Students

Good morning to the honorable teachers and all of my beloved friends

Let us together praise to God because of His blessings we can all gather in a healthy state on this day.

My friends that I’m proud of,
First of all we need to realize that the environment is a living place for us all, mankind. So we have to keep our environment healthy in order to make a profit for us, not a loss or even a disaster for us. One way that we are able to do to keep the environment healthy is to keep the environment clean.

In maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, we need to know in advance what is the meaning of environmental hygiene. The real meaning of environmental hygiene is a situation where the environment is suitable for human beings, where the state of human health can be physically maintained. So we must maintain the cleanliness of the environment in order to create a decent and prosperous life.

My lovely friends,
Maintaining the environmental hygiene is the best way to prevent diseases that lurk in the rainy season as it is now. Maintain cleanliness of the environment can be started from cleaning our beloved school. If our school is clean then other people will not hesitate to imitate our good habits in cleaning our school. Moreover, we, as residents or parts of this school, are also got the positive impact in teaching and learning activities that we feel comfortable because our school environment is clean.
Maintain the cleanliness of school environment can be done by throwing waste in the school environment into the trash, carrying out regular class picket activities every day and doing the program of cleaning the school environment together in 30 minutes every Thursday in order to clean the school environment from diseases, such as dengue fever caused by mosquito.

My friends,
In conclusion, I reemphasize that cleanliness is a part of faith so if someone does not care about cleanliness then he is not really a full believer. In the future, I also hope we, as human beings, can be even more active in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment, especially the cleanliness of our school environment.

That is all from me. I apologize for any mistake I have done. Thank you for your attention.

That was the short speech on environment for students. You can use it for any important event about the environment, such as The Environment Day. Keep practicing the speech and good luck!

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