Space Order in Descriptive Text (Sample Questions and Answers)

Definition of Spatial Order in Descriptive Essay– Description essay is a genre of essay that gives an idea of something, objects, people, etc. If you want to be able to write a good description essay, then there are numerous things you should pay attention to, and one of them is Spatial Order.

What is the Spatial Order? And how do you use it in the descriptive essay? Without any further, here’s the complete explanation of spatial order in descriptive essay.

Definition of Spatial Order in Descriptive Essay

Imagine if you were standing at the door of your class. How would you describe your classroom to someone who has never seen it? Here are some possibilities:

  1. You might start describing your classroom starting from the left side of the classroom door and explaining further clockwise to the right and ending at the class door again.
  2. You might start describing at the front of the class first, starting from describing the blackboard, the teacher’s desk, and the area around the teacher’s desk. Then you will describe the student desk and chair in the middle of the room, then finally you will describe the wall / window on the back or side of the room.

The two examples above are Spatial Order. Below are kinds of spatial orders or signal words that you can use to write a good descriptive essay:

  • Top to bottom
  • Bottom to top
  • Far to near
  • Near to far
  • Right to left
  • Left to right
  • Outside to inside
  • Inside to outside
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Topic, Controlling Idea, and Concluding Sentence in Descriptive Essay

The sentence topic usually describes the name of a person, place, or object. While controlling idea usually provides general information, such as messy, interesting, beautiful, busy, crowded, noisy, and so on.

Take a look at these sentences below:

TopicControlling Idea
The cave was a dangerous place to enter
The old house looked ready to fall down
The club was full of young people liking football

That was an example about topic and controlling idea, whereas the concluding sentence contains an idea that is repeated in the main sentence.

For example:

  • To sum up, everyone doubts the old house in this village will survive one more winter.
  • The little children and their teacher were very relieved when they got out of the cave.

Sample Question About Spatial Order

Read the following description of a person. Then answer the questions about the organization of the paragraph that follow.

My Tall Nephew

My nephew is extremely tall-six feet, six inches tall, to be exact. He has short, light brown, and curly hair, and blue eyes. He has straight nose, and his mouth curls into a smile easily. He usually wears casual clothes, the same as typical of young people everywhere: a T-shirt and jeans. You can read the name of his school in red and blue letters on the front of his shirt. You notice that his jeans are a little too short as your eyes move down his long legs. Perhaps he can’t buy pants to fit his long legs and narrow waist, or perhaps he doesn’t care much about clothes. On his feet, he wears sneakers. His sneakers that were used to be white when they were new, now are gray with age. My nephew is not a casual person despite his casual clothes. He stands tall and straight, and you think to yourself, “This is a strong and confident young man.”

1. Analyze the topic sentence. Underline the topic with one line and the controlling idea with double line.

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2. What is the nephew’s most noticeable physical feature?


3. Which sentence is the concluding sentence?


4. What word in the topic sentence is repeated in the concluding sentence?


5. What kind of spatial order does the writer of this paragraph use?



  1. My nephew is extremely tall-six feet, six inches tall, to be exact.
  2. His tall figure.
  3. The concluding sentence is: He stands tall and straight, and you think to yourself, “This is a strong and confident young man.”
  4. The word tall is repeated in both topic and concluding sentence.
  5. The writer use top to bottom as the spatial order.

That was our explanation about spatial order in descriptive essay, along with sample questions and answers. We hope this article is helpful and thanks for reading!

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