Top 10 Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

10 Things To Do In Astana Kazakhstan

Best Things To Do In Astana – Astana is the capital of the largest country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan. You may never know this city before. However, who would have thought that this city is almost similar to Dubai in some aspects?

As you know, Dubaiis a magnificent city and has modern and futuristic buildings.

Meanwhile, Astana also has interesting tourist attractions that must be visited by tourists from all over the world

So, what should you do when you’re on vacation in Astana? Here’s the top 10 things to do in Astana, Kazakhstan:

Enjoy the outstanding view of Astana from Bayterek Tower

The first thing to do in Astana is visiting the Bayterek Tower.

Bayterek Tower - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

Bayterek Tower is an Astana landmark that attracts tourists because the architecture of the building is inspired by folklore, namely Easter Egg or Pascal Egg.

According to residents of the city, the shape of the Bayterek Tower resembles a tree that is visited by bird eggs and is a sign of happiness.

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Tourists can enjoy the amazing city views from this tower.

Shootout to art connoisseurs, don’t miss the art exhibition at Kulanshi Art Centre

At Kulanshi Art Centre, there is a printed graphic art (commonly called lithography) room.

Kulanshi Art Centre - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

The lithography consists of the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Marc Chagall.

Not only exploring a museum full of artworks collection, but visitors can also learn to paint themselves by being guided by experts.

Back to nature by visiting the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve

The flamingos are the majority of animals in this nature reserve. Usually, this place is the best spot for birdwatchers.

Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

If you want to spend your time away from futuristic nuances and back to nature, you can visit the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve even though it’s located west of the city of Astana.

Read books in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan

The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan’s interior is almost the same as the Tianjin Binhai Library in China.

Library of the First President of kazakhstan - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

You can see for yourself that this library is so futuristic and majestic.

With a collection of interesting books, you will definitely spend a lot of time reading in this library.

Take a walk on Nurzhol Boulevard

Like a foyer in the middle of the city, that’s how Nurzhol Boulevard is.

Nurzhol Boulevard - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

The colorful flowers in the garden, the dancing fountains, and the tall buildings surrounds this boulevard.

It becomes a wonderful view to see while you take a walk here with your partner or family.

Buy some souvenirs at Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

This place is not just an ordinary shopping center. In the Khan Shatyr, there is a mini beach, which is taken from one of the beaches in Dubai.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

Many tourists use this spot as a playground for their kids, just in case if their kids bored when they buy souvenirs at Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center.

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Learn about the history of the city of Astana at the National Museum of Kazakhstan

Learning about the history of Astana is another thing to do in Astana, Kazakhstan.

National Museum of Kazakhstan - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

Some of the rooms in this museum hold educational value for tourists who come, such as:

  1. The Golden Hall
  2. The Hall of Ancient History and the Middle Ages
  3. The History Hall
  4. The Ethnographic Hall
  5. The Hall of Modern Art.

Just so you know, Astana is the second city to be made Kazakhstan as the capital.

You will find out the reason why Almaty (the first capital city of Kazakhstan) was replaced by Astana if you visit the National Museums of Kazakhstan.

Take a quick tour at
Ethno-memorial complex Map of Kazakhstan Atameken

Actually, you can explore this futuristic city in only one hour. Yup, one hour!

The Ethno Memorial Complex displays miniature of famous buildings in Astana.

Ethno-memorial complex Map of Kazakhstan Atameken - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

The amazing part is, the location of each building is adjusted based on its location in the real world. Wow!

This is a perfect place for those of you who have limited time while on vacation in this futuristic city.

Take cool pictures in front of KazMunayGas

The next cool thing to do in Astana is visiting the KazMunayGas.

KazMunayGas - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

KazMunayGasis Kazakhstan’s oil and gas company, but the unique shape of the building resembles the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

So don’t miss the chance to take cool pictures in this place!

For fellow Muslims, you can worship at the Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur-Astana Mosque is the third largest mosque in Astana. This mosque is not just an ordinary place of worship for Muslims, but it turns out that this mosque building design has a deep philosophy.

Nur-Astana Mosque - Things To Do In Astana, Kazakhstan

The height of this mosque is 40 meters (131 feet) which symbolizes the age of the Prophet Muhammad when he received revelation.

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While the mosque tower has a height of about 63 meters (207 feet), just like the age of Islam’s last prophet when he died.

These are the 10 best things to do in Astana. Don’t forget to visit at least one of them while you’re in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading!

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