5 Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog– Have you ever thought about starting a blog? How to start a blog? You might be interested in creating a blog cause you know about a blogger who gets free holidays, beauty products, and even gets paid to promote a product on their blog.

You can be like that one day because actually creating a blog is super easy. Building or maintaining a blog doesn’t require a lot of money but it takes time, hard work, and dedication.

You can’t just give up on your blog and decided to stop blogging one day. In order to get thousands of blog visitors and start making money, you need to be consistent.

If you want to be a professional blogger, here are the 5 things to learn before starting a blog:

Don’t Rush to Quit Your Job

This is the first thing to learn before starting a blog. If you already have a job, don’t rush to quit your job.

The problem is, most blog owners don’t make a profit in the first year or two. This is because your blog doesn’t have high traffic yet, and without it, you can’t make money out of it.

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

If your blog has been visited by many people, product owners will offer you to promote or review their products,

It takes time for Google to rank your blog and it takes more time before people can find your blog through Google search.

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Find Blog Topics You and Others Love

How to create a successful blog? Find blog topics first. To be able to create good content, you must find a topic that you really love and understand. Also, it should attract people’s attention too.

If you choose a topic that you don’t really understand, then it has a big impact on your content’s quality. You will get bored quickly and start losing ideas. Not to mention, your blog has only a few visitors too.

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Determine the main material of the topic you choose and the target audience that will always follow your blog. A blog that has a specific topic has a better chance to rank than a blog that has mixed topics.

Choosing the wrong topic will hinder the progress of your blog. This is often experienced by newbies so they have to do it from scratch.

Turn Your Passion into a Blog

If you create a blog that is in accordance with your passion, then you will enjoy every process that happens.

Let’s say you have passion for fashion, then create a blog that discuss about the fashion tips or nowadays trends. Or you have passion for cooking, then create a blog about cooking tips, recipe, and food reviews. Find your passion first before you decided to create a blog.

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Why is passion so important for a blogger? If you lose interest in your blog, bored, and decided to stop blogging, then why were you created that blog in the first place? You just waste your time. But that won’t happen if you really love what you do.

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Plus, you will create amazing articles if you know what your passion is.

Prepare the Blogging Strategy

Before starting a blog, you must plan the blogging strategy and implementation. This is a necessary thing to learn before starting a successful blog.

For example, you might decide that you will post a blog every Tuesday and Thursday, or even every day. That’s a good thing because consistency is key in blogging.

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Blogging consistently keeps visitors returning to your site more often and helps you build trust with Google so that your website will rank faster. So don’t post sporadically!

Whatever you post must match the theme of your blog. You also have to offer something interesting and unique to the visitors. You can research trending keywords before you start writing an article on your blog.

Hosting and Domain Name

This is one of the things to learn before starting a blog. You need to know that you can create a blog for free on widely-known blogging platforms such as Blogger.com or using self-hosting and customize your own blog but you have to pay for it.

If you are serious about blogging, it is better to use self-hosting because it will be better in the long run. But if you don’t want to spend a penny, that’s okay.

Although it’s a bit more troublesome, using self-hosting will increase your blog rank faster and make it more professional

Things to Learn Before Starting a Blog

Domain is the name of your blog. Like this website, writerriver.com. You must match your blog’s domain name with the topic.

Don’t choose a name that is too long. Choose an easy-to-remember domain name. Because people do like simple domains that are easy to say, type, and remember.

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Some expert bloggers use a special technique to choose a domain and rank faster, they often choose aged domains or expired domains. Learn this trick before choosing a domain name.

So, have you got a concept about your blog? If you want to be succeed in blogging, you need to know these things to learn before starting a blog. Hope this helps and don’t forget to share this with your friends! Thanks!

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