14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You Must Eat

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Traditional Foods in Mexico – Mexico is a country that has a unique culture. This country also has many types of traditional foods and drinks that will arouse your appetite.

Some of its foods are popular around the world and other countries can’t copy the taste easily.

So, what are those traditional foods in Mexico that you must eat? Here they are:

Tacos and Nachos

The first traditional foods in Mexico are Tacos and Nachos.

If you have visited Mexico without enjoying this traditional food, then you have to go back there and eat it. You will easily find this food almost all the way in Mexico.

Tacos and Nachos are made with corn, but each has its own uniqueness. Piedras Negras is the city where the two foods came from.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Tacos consist of folds of Tortillas which are filled with various kinds of fillings. Mexican usually eat Tacos for breakfast. Tacos are made with the omelet and a combination of potatoes, sausages or smoked pork.

While Nachos has a simpler form. Nachos consists of Tortilla chips doused with cheese sauce or Guacamole sauce. Nachos was first made in 1943 by Ignacio Nacho Anaya.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Until now, many franchise companies make Nachos with other flavor variations. The difference between traditional and company-made Nachos is the taste and the topping.


14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Tamale is another traditional food in Mexico that has been existing since the ancient Mayan era. This food is often carried by Mexican people when they go hunting, traveling, or fighting because of the easy cooking process and its durability.

Tamale is made with the basic ingredients of corn flour which is filled with chicken, pork, vegetables, and cheese. Then wrapped in a corn skin or banana leaves.

This traditional Mexican dish is commonly sold from house to house in Mexico.


14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Burrito is one of traditional foods in Mexico that has a similar shape to a Kebab (Traditional food in Turkey).

The difference between the two is the Burrito uses meat and bean paste as fillings, then rolled with Tortillas.


Avocado is a highly nutritious fruit. It contains carotenoids, Oleic Acid, fiber, and Folate. Many people like it, because of its soft texture and delicious taste. It provides an incredible sensation when you eat it.

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There are many variations in using avocados as ingredients. In general, avocados are used for salads, sandwich fillings, or juices, but Mexican people often process them into sweet and savory sauces called Guacamole.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Guacamole has been known since the days of the Aztecs in the 16th century. The sauce is not only popular in Mexico, but also throughout the world. Mexicans makes this sauce a complement to Nachos and Tacos, as well as baked dishes, such as fish, chicken or meat.

Guacamole gives a tasty savory taste and a distinctive aroma to the main food. If you like the spicy taste, you can add a little Jalapeno chili.

Guacamole is made from mashed Avocados and mixed with lemon or lime juice. Some traditional foods in Mexico are usually juxtaposed with this sauce. The Mexican community usually serves it as an opening dish.

In some regions of Mexico, there are also those who add tomatoes, shallots and finely chopped cilantro.

One of the best avocado producing places in Mexico is in Yucatan. There are many plantations managed by local residents.

So, if you want to see avocado plantations and eat Guacamole, you can visit Yucatan using the El Mexico 180 E bus from the city of Merida.


Salty, fresh and crunchy. These three flavors describe Tostada which is widely sold in the seafood market, Coyoacán, Mexico.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Resembling mini-sized tacos, Tostada consists of several toppings such as fresh fish meat, avocado slices, and salsa sauce.

In addition, Tostada is also served with salads and pork cuts or beef legs.


Churros is a Mexican sweet dish that is popular to foreign countries. It is made with flour, egg, and sugar that is fried until browned.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Long-shaped churros like this stick have a sweet taste like a donut with a crunchy texture.

To enrich the taste, Churros are usually served with a sprinkling of cinnamon, powdered sugar, or melted chocolate. Along with the development of culinary trends, Churros are also often combined with colorful ice cream.

Typical Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate is loved by many people and it also can be processed into pudding, jam, and other foods.

Chocolate is also a symbol of love and affection and contains alkaloid substances that can bring happiness.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Cocoa (chocolate) drinks have been around since the Mokaya and Olmec civilizations. The origin of chocolate was first discovered almost 4000 years ago in Mesoamerica and it can be seen from the archaeological evidence found along the Orinoco river.

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The Maya adopted the word “Cocoa” from the Olmec tribe. They cultivate cocoa around their homes.

To be able to enjoy the Mexican chocolate, they smooth the cocoa beans and mix it with water, chili, corn flour, and other ingredients. The result is a hot, foaming chocolate and they call it “Xocalatl“, which means warm or bitter liquid.


Cajeta is a caramel sauce originating from the city of Celaya, Mexico, which has a sweet taste with a thick texture.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

This caramel sauce is made from sheep’s milk, sugar, and cinnamon powder which is boiled until thickened.

Cajeta has a light brown color which is often served as a complement to various dishes such as Churros, pudding, cakes, and coffee.


This traditional drink comes from Tequila, Guadalajara, the west side of the city of Mexico. In that place, there is a vast Agave plantation. Plants are the main raw material for making Tequila.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Tequila was known to the Mesoamerican people hundreds of years ago. They use Agave plants that are widely grown in Mexico.

The part that is used to make Tequila is the hump. An Agave hump can weigh 50 to 100 kg, and to make 1 liter of Tequila, it takes 1 kg of Agave hump.


14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Flan is a traditional sweet dish in Mexico, Spain, and Puerto Rico. It’s made with evaporated milk, sugar, and eggs. This soft texture dish is usually served with delicious caramel cream.

Flan is also called Creme Caramel or caramel dessert.


Margarita is a typical cocktail from Mexico. It tastes sour and fresh with a very strong lemon aroma. In some cities, margaritas are usually blue because they are mixed with Blue Curacao liqueiur.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

If you want to drink Margaritas with a fresher sensation, you can add fruit juice, Orange Liqueur, or Tequila and ice cubes.

In a formal event, margaritas are often served in standard cocktail glasses added with ice. Whereas in an informal event, margaritas are served in old glasses.


The next on our traditional foods in Mexico list is Jalapeno.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

Jalapeno is a typical Mexican chili which is shaped like a large green eggplant. Its length is around 5 to 9 cm and Mexican people usually only use two or three in their dishes.

The taste of chili is very spicy, your tongue will be burning when you taste it for the first time. You can enjoy the spicy Jalapeno chili in Mexican dishes such as Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, and other traditional foods in Mexico.

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Besides being a food ingredient, Jalapeno also has many benefits for our health such as:

  1. Relieve Sinusitis
  2. Reduce pain
  3. Prevent cancer
  4. Strengthen the immune system

The largest Jalapeno chili plantation in Mexico is in the valley area of ​​the Papaloapan River, Veracruz. The area of ​​the plantation reaches 160 square kilometers. It can produce 97 tons of Jalapeno chili when the harvest season arrives.

Tourists can watch directly the process of harvesting Jalapeno chili. During that period, you can see the busyness of local farmers who carry sacks of Jalapeno on their shoulders.

In addition, Jalapeno can also be souvenirs. You can buy processed products from Jalapeno such as pasta or pickled sauce packed in bottles for around $ 6.00 per bottle in all regions of Mexico.


Tlayuda is a popular sidewalk traditional Mexican food that you can find when visiting Oaxaca, Mexico. Although it looks similar to Tacos, Tlayuda’s distinctive feature is its chocolate-based coating sauce.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

The main attraction is that chocolate-coated crispy bread is combined with vegetable salad, avocado, meat, and soft Oaxaca cheese.

That combination makes Tlayuda a unique traditional food in Mexico which you must try.

Taquito (Flauta)

The last dish on our traditional foods list is Taquito or Flauta.

14 Traditional Foods in Mexico You MUST Eat

As the name implies, which means the flute (wind instrument), Flauta is a cornbread containing pieces of potatoes, chicken meat, and cheese which is shaped like a flute, and then fried until it’s crispy.

It is usually served with a splash of cheese sauce, sour cream, and salsa sauce. In addition, Taquito is also often juxtaposed as a complement to Mexican traditional chicken soup.

These are our list of traditional foods in Mexico. Whenever you visit this country, don’t forget to try at least one of its traditional dishes.

Do you know other delicious Mexican dishes that we missed? Please tell us by commenting down below!Adios!

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