Writing Tips: Useful Phrases to Express Your Opinions

Writing Tips: Useful Phrases to Express Your Opinions

Useful Phrases to Express Your Opinions – If you have read our article about how to write an argumentative essay, then you should be knowing that argumentative essays are essays where you can express your opinion about a problem. Therefore, you must be able to select the right words and phrases in your essay.

Now we will be discussing about some useful phrases to express your opinion in an argumentative essay, and here they are:

1. This proves that …


This proves that the best way to lose weight faster is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. This … supports the idea that …


This research supports the idea that dogs are smarter than cats.

3. This evidence suggests that …


This evidence suggests that children shouldn’t use any gadgets before they turn 17.

These are 3 phrases you can use in your essay to express your opinion, now, we will be discussing about phrases to show contrast:

Useful Phrases to Show Contrast or Comparison

In writing argumentative essays, when you express your opinion, you often need to provide another opinion or evidence that is contrary to your argument as a comparison.

Besides using “but“, you can also use these words/phrases below to make your essay better and more interesting:

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Thomas Edison thinks this. However, Nikola Tesla reached a different conclusion.

On the other hand


The historical evidence appears to suggest theater starts from religious rituals. On the other hand, some anthropologist presents another hypothesis.

By contrast / in comparison


Warren Buffet’s opinion, is based on insufficient evidence. By contrast, Mark Baum’s opinion seems more plausible.



Much of investor has focused on this evidence. Not everyone, however, that is the most important aspect of the current situation.

These are some useful phrases and words to express your opinions, especially in argumentative essays. If you know other phrases, please tell us by writing a comment. Thanks!

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