Supporting Sentences In A Paragraph: Definition, Examples, and Sample Questions

What Is A Supporting Sentence? – As we already know, there are 3 main parts of a paragraph, which are: Topic sentences, Supporting details (Supporting sentences), and Concluding sentences. Now we will be discussing about the supporting sentences in a paragraph.

So, what is a supporting sentence? Here’s the definition, examples, and sample questions about supporting sentences in a paragraph.

Definition of Supporting Sentences

The sentences in the middle of the paragraph are called supporting sentences. They explain or prove an idea in the topic sentence. Supporting sentences are the biggest part of a paragraph because they can consist of several sentences.

Listing Order Transition Signals

Transition signal is a word or phrase that shows how one idea relates to another. If you write a paragraph that uses listing order, then use some transition signals such as First, Second, or Third to tell the reader that the sentence has a main point or main idea.

Here are some examples of listing order transition signals:

Listing Order Transition Signals

First,First of all,Second,
Third,In addition,Also,
Finally,, also.Also

Things to note:

1. Almost all listing order transition signals are at the beginning of the sentence and require a comma (,) right after.


  • First of all, you can learn another language faster than studying it at school by living in a foreign country.
  • In addition, nothing is more fun than sitting with a group of friends around a big bonfire, talking, laughing, and singing in clear winter night.
  • Also, new students make friends more quickly in small colleges.
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2. The word “also” could be in the middle of a sentence (between a subject and a verb) without a comma (,) or at the end of a sentence with a comma (,).


  • We also like to hang out at the mall with our best friends.
  • We like to hang out at the mall with our best friends, also.

Sample Questions

I. Please write your points in the spaces below each sentence. You do not need to write complete sentences.

1. Good roommates have three characteristics.
a) Are neat, tidy
b) Are cheerful
c) Share housework

2. College students take many kinds of tests.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________

3. Small cars have several advantages.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________

4. There are two reasons why big cars are safer than small cars.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________

5. A baseball player must master several skills.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________
d) ______________________________________

6. Living with your parents has certain advantages.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________

7. Living with your parents has certain disadvantages.
a) ______________________________________
b) ______________________________________
c) ______________________________________

II. Read the paragraph about human intelligence that follows. Add listing-order signals in the black spaces, and add commas where they are necessary.

Kinds of Intelligence

There are many kinds of intelligence. (1) ______________ there is mathematical-logical intelligence. People who have this intelligence may become mathematicians, scientists, or engineers. (2) _____________ there is linguistic intelligence. People with this kind of intelligence are good at language, so they become poets and writers. We are familiar with these two kinds of intelligence, but other kinds are not so familiar. There are (3) _____________ two other kinds of intelligence: spatial and musical kinds of intelligence. For architects and artists, spatial intelligence is necessary. Whereas musical intelligence is necessary for musicians. (4) ______________ there is kinesthetic intelligence. Athletes and dancers have kinesthetic intelligence. Personal intelligence is kind of intelligence (5) ______________ . People with personal intelligence manage people well, so they become leaderrs of society. In conclusion, there are many ways to be smart.


a) Good roommates are neat, tidy
b) Good roommates are cheerful
c) Good roommates share housework

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a) They take mid-term test.
b) They take final test.
c) They take remedial.

a) Small cars are faster.
b) Small cars consume less fuel.
c) Small cars take a little space in the garage.

a) Big cars are more spatious.
b) Big cars are slower than small cars.

a) A baseball player must have a good speed.
b) A baseball player must be good in teamwork.
c) A baseball player must be good at hitting a ball.
d) A baseball player must be good at catching a ball.

a) Your parents can protect you.
b) Your mother can cook delicious foods for you.
c) You do not have to worry about taking care the house.

a) Your parents may control you too much.
b) Your parents can have strict rules.
c) Your parents always tell you what to do or not to do.

1. First,
2. Second,
3. Also
4. In addition,
5. , also.

Okay, that was the definition, examples, and sample questions about supporting sentences. Now you won’t be wondering “What is a supporting sentence?” again. Feel free to share and thanks for reading, folks!

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