What Not To Do In Germany: 7 Travel Guides

What Not To Do In Germany

What Not To Do In Germany – As a country with low crime rates and high welfare, Germany is one of the countries with the best tourist attractions for every tourist. Everything can be found in this country, from historic buildings, traditional cultures, to its natural beauty.

The German government is aware that its country is one of the famous foreign tourist destinations and they do take care of their assets and renew their policies.

Things Not To Do In Germany

But actually, there are some things you should never do in Germany. What are those things? Here are the 7 things not to do in Germany:

Don’t Cross The Road Illegally (No Jaywalking)

The first thing not to do in Germany is crossing the road illegally.

What Not To Do In Germany

Germany is very disciplined about its traffic rules. Jaywalk or crossing the road carelessly is an illegal act in this country.

Even though the streets are quiet without any passing vehicles, don’t you dare to jaywalk if you don’t see a special sign that allows you to cross the road.

If you break the law and got caught by CCTV cameras, you will deal with the local police.

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Don’t Sing the First and Second Stanza of “Song Of The Germans”

Do not ever sing the first and second stanza of Song Of The Germans in Germany. Why don’t you sing it? It’s simply because of Germany’s past.

What Not To Do In Germany

It starts with “Deutschland, Deutschland, über alles, über alles, in der Welt!”, which translates into “Germany above all else in the World”. And we all do know that Germany is not above the rest of the world, especially after World War II.

The second stanza is just basically horribly cheesy, praising Germany’s wine, women, and virtues.

Don’t Walk or Run on Bicycle Path

In our opinion, you shouldn’t do this anywhere else too.

What Not To Do In Germany

When you are in Germany, you will often find a special route for cyclists or often called Bicycle Path. The culture of riding a bicycle in Hitler’s birth country is very high.

Therefore, do not walk or run on a bicycle path, because it’s considered an illegal and dangerous act in Germany.

Don’t Expect to Shop on Saturdays

This is different from other countries, Saturday is a holiday in Germany. All shops and offices are closed on Saturdays. So don’t expect to be able to shop on Saturdays in Germany.

In addition, Saturday is also known as a quiet day where residents don’t make noise as much as possible, such as listening to music loudly or doing renovations to buildings.

Don’t Throw Away Used Water Bottles

The next thing not to in Germany is throwing used water bottles away.

What Not To Do In Germany

If you buy drinks in a bottle or a can at a restaurant, you will be charged an additional fee of around 25 cents. This is implemented by the Germany government so that visitors won’t throw away their water bottles.

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Usually, some restaurants in Germany receives an exchange of used bottles. So, don’t leave your water bottle in any place such as a restaurant or park, cause it can be fined and considered unlawful.

Don’t Talk About The War or Nazi

War and Nazi are sensitive things in this country. Even though talking about them is not a serious legal violation, but you will be considered rude by the local people.

What Not To Do In Germany

There are many things you can do in Germany such as visiting some amazing tourist attractions instead of talking about things that can offend Germans.

Don’t Forget to Take Off Shoes Before Entering the House

Some countries in Asia and Europe have a culture of wearing shoes inside the house. Well, this is contrary to the culture of German society.

What Not To Do In Germany

When you visit your friend’s or brother’s house in Germany, don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the house.

This is the last thing on our what not do in Germany travel guide.

Now you know what not to do in Germany. So please remember this guide while you go to this beautiful country.

Hope this helps and makes you feel safer while traveling or visiting tourist attractions in Germany. Thanks!

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