How to Write a Drama Script for School: 8 Effective Tips

How to Write a Drama Script for School: 8 Effective Tips

How to Write a Drama Script for School – Writing a drama script isn’t an easy thing for some people, especially for students at school, just like you.

The drama script is different from formal or academic writings that require standard writing rules, instead, it uses informal and everyday language so that it feels more natural and real.

Therefore, before you start writing a drama script for a drama in your school, we would like to inform you some effective tips to write it and even make it better.

Grab the Audience’s Attention

First, create a drama script that will grabDon’t take too much time to start writing some interesting actions in your drama. Some dramas may have interesting openings, but not all of them have a good storyline to the end.

Some dramas are quite similar to novels, which are using too many story narratives. A good storyline will grab the audience’s attention, whether it’s about history, tragedy, or even comedy.

Make Sure the Structure Keeps the Audience Watching

Think about the beginning, middle, and end of your drama script. Also think about things that attract the people’s attention at the beginning of the story (about the first 10 pages in the drama script) and why they should be interested.

How to Write a Drama Script for School: 8 Effective Tips

Then, pay attention to the situation in your story development and any changes throughout the middle part of the story (conflict), and how the conflict is resolved in the resolution section (ending).

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Make an unpredictable drama script. The audience will be more interested if you keep making them curious throughout the drama. Therefore, add some elements that can make the audience surprised and curious throughout the drama so they will watch your drama until the end.

Vary the Length of Your Scenes

Every scene in your drama can have different lengths of time. However, pay attention to the duration of each scene. It is not a good thing to extend the duration of a scene even though the duration of the scene can be conveyed.

If you don’t care about the duration in your drama, the audience will feel bored faster.

Express Your Characters Between Dialogues and Interactions

If you want to have one main character, think about how you can express that character through a dialogue and interaction with other characters, rather than you have to make the character talk about himself (monologue).

For example, Kevin is the main character who has a complicated relationship with his mother. You should write a scene where Kevin and his mother clash with each other, rather than making Kevin do a monologue (explaining that he has a complicated relationship with his mother).

How to Write a Drama Script for School: 8 Effective Tips

In the same way, you can show several actions rather than having to narrate because by displaying the action, your story is more real. In addition, don’t make your characters talk to other characters about the information they already know.

Get Under the Skin of Your Characters

Another tip on how to write a drama script for school is by understanding each character you’ll create. Understand the behavior, personality, and development of the all characters so that the drama you make will feel alive.

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Keep in mind that each character must have different personalities just like in the real world. Therefore, don’t write all characters with the same personalities.

Use the 4 Building Blocks – Speech, Sound effects, Music, and Silence

When you write a drama script, you don’t just think about the storyline and how we develop the characters and dialogue. However, you also have to think about what kind of sound effects and music that will be played when there’s an ongoing scene.

However, don’t use them too much. There are times when all you need to make a scene perfect is to add nothing. Just silence.

Write Something Personal

Think about what you want to tell the world. Why does the drama story you wrote need to be made into a show? Why do people have to watch your drama? What do you want to convey? Write a few things about yourself, about the world you know.

How to Write a Drama Script for School: 8 Effective Tips

Performing a drama at school is your chance to write about anything that is in your mind and that is important to you.

A great drama is not only containing one simple idea, but about what happens when two ideas are mixed together.

Write with All Your Heart

As we said, write your drama script wholeheartedly. Stop writing for a moment if you are still in a bad mood because it will affect your story.

When you are calm and relaxed, you will be able to write well and you will remember what you’re going to write. Writing calmly will also make your story more real and natural because your emotional condition is normal.

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Now you know how to write a drama script for school. By applying these tips, we hope you can create an unforgettable drama. Thanks.

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