What is An Opinion Paragraph? (Definition + Writing Example)

What is An Opinion Paragraph? (Definition + Writing Example)

Definition of Opinion Paragraph and How to Write it – There are several types of paragraphs and texts, such as Procedure text, Description text, Opinion paragraph, and so on.

A paragraph that contains facts and opinions is called an Opinion paragraph. Here is a brief definition of opinion paragraph and a writing example of it.

What is an Opinion Paragraph?

In everyday life, everyone must have a different opinion about a topic / issue and discuss it with others. Some examples of these issues are:

  • Do you agree with teenagers during their first year of driving?
  • Should smoking be allowed everywhere?

Almost all people must have written and expressed their opinion in various ways. You can find a few paragraphs that contain someone’s opinion of an issue easily on newspapers or social media.

Expressing opinions could be done anywhere. Even in your class, somtimes you’ll be asked to express your opinion on something.

Opinion paragraph is a paragraph that contains a person’s opinion/thoughts about something that is used to persuade readers to support their opinions.

How to Write an Opinion Paragraph

In order to write a paragraph with a good opinion, there are several things you should do, namely:

  1. Write your opinion in the topic of sentence clearly
  2. Explain each reason in logical order
  3. Use facts to support each reason
  4. Finish your paragraph with a concluding sentence at the end.

The Difference Between Facts and Opinions

Opinions are statements that come from a person’s beliefs/thoughts about something. Expressions such as, “I believe …“, “I think that …“, or “According to me, …” are being used to express your opinion.

Opinions is different from facts. Opinion could or couldn’t be approved people, while they couldn’t deny facts, because facts are true statements that don’t come from someone’s thoughts.

Read a few sentences below so you can understand the difference between opinions and facts better:

The sun rises in the east The sunrise was beautiful this morning
This lake’s temperature is under 10oC The lake is too cold for swimming
Based on the police reports, it is dangerous to use cell phone while driving. Using a cell phone while driving is dangerous
It was forbidden for women to vote in the United States until 1920 Everyone should vote
Mr. Vance said, “I am a bad father.” Mr. Vance is a bad father

Those are some sentences of facts and opinions. Even the last sentence – Mr. Vance said, “I am a bad father.” – is a fact. The sentence is in the form of the fact that he (Mr. Vance) said something about himself, even what he said was – “I am a bad father” – was an opinion.

While the right column contains several opinion sentences that can be or cannot be approved by everyone.

When you write an opinion paragraph, you can write about something in your mind, but it will give a stronger reason for people to believe it if you add some facts that will support your opinion.

An Example of Opinion Paragraph

Video Games and Violence

According to my research, violent video games are harmful to young people. First, playing these games can cause changes in the behavior of young people. Frequent players have poorer grades in school, according to studies by psychologists.

The next reason is that violent video games make young people less sensitive to violence in the real world. The games are toxic to children that make it looks fun to shoot and kill, and the line between play violence and real violence becomes very thin or disappears entirely.

The last reason is that violent video games teach players to use violence to solve problems. Classmates usually tease each other, but don’t make this anger you and do something that you will regret.

In short, I feel that violent video games are harmful to young people and should be controlled – or, even better, banned.

That was our explanation of opinion paragraph, how to write it, and an example of opinion paragraph. We hope this is helpful for your knowledge and education. Thanks!

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