Degrees of Comparison Exercises With Answers

Degrees of Comparison Exercises With Answers

Degrees of Comparison Exercises With Answers – Degrees of comparison contains phrases that are used to compare two or more objects and consists of two types, which is superlative adjectives and comparative adjectives.

Now, we will be providing degrees of comparison exercises along with the answers. But if you want to learn more about this subject matter before you do this exercise, you can read it here.

Without any further ado, here’s the degrees of comparison exercises with answers.

Degrees of Comparison Exercises

I. The health facts and tips below are unfinished. For each gap, number 1 -8, choose a word from Box A and a phrase from Box B to complete the extract.

better… happier
bigger … to keep
cheaper … dirty than
the … place in the house
warmest … the ears
less … the person
more … pets
older … relaxed you are

When it comes to pain relief, some painkillers seem to work differently for women and men. Researchers found that some painkillers were far more effective in women.

If you want to know someone’s real age, look at their ears. according to some doctors, the ears are the only part of the body which keep growing, so the (1) _____________________, the (2) ________________________ .

One thing you can do to avoid getting a cold is to calm down and avoid stress.

(3) ________________________ and the (4) ________________________ the stronger your body will be for fighting illness.

Snakes make (5) ________________________ than cats and dogs because they are good for your health. touching them can calm you down. Derek Grove keeps his in the bedroom because it’s the (6) _______________________ . Snakes are (7) _______________________ dogs or cats, and after paying for the cage are (8) __________________________ .

II. Your teacher has underlined some mistakes in the learner’s text below. Please write the corrections.

Learning English at Home and Abroad

Although I stayed with a British family when I studied in Britain, but when I was in my own country I lived at home. Also I studied more hours in the UK than at home. My course (1) wasn’t so much intensive at home. I think I did about six hours a week only, whereas in Britain my course was every day. The teaching methods were (2) same in my country as in Britain, but you learn (3) more quick in Britain because you have to speak English to the other people in the class. It’s (4) not the same like learning English at home, because the students come from all over the world and we have to speak English. Sometimes I wished I also had a friend there from my country. (5) One of the best thing about studying in Britain was that I also learnt English outside the classroom. At home you speak (6) as much you can but after the lesson you can’t really practice your English. But in Britain, I practiced my English all the time. I definitely thin it’s worth spending the money to go abroad. You learn (7) much quicker (8) compared studying at home.

Write your answers below:

  1. _______________________________________
  2. _______________________________________
  3. _______________________________________
  4. _______________________________________
  5. _______________________________________
  6. _______________________________________
  7. _______________________________________
  8. _______________________________________
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III. For sentences 1 – 5 tick (V) the sentence a) or b) with the closest meaning.


My father isn’t as tall as my brother.

  1. My brother is taller than my father. V
  2. My father is tall, but my brother is even taller. __

1. This perfume is not as nice as the one I had before.

  1. The perfume I had before was nicer than this one. __
  2. This perfume is not nice. __

2. Their house is big compared with ours.

  1. Their house is not as small as I thought it would be. __
  2. Their house is bigger than ours. __

3. I don’t know anyone who speaks as fast as him.

  1. He is the fastest speaks I know. __
  2. He speaks faster than anyone else I know. __

4. The test wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped.

  1. The test was quite difficult. __
  2. The test was easier than I’d expected. __

5. My father is as old as the President.

  1. My father is older than the President. __
  2. My father and the President are the same age. __



  1. Bigger the ears
  2. Older the person
  3. The happier
  4. More relaxed you are
  5. Cheaper pets
  6. Warmest place in the house
  7. Less dirty than
  8. Better to keep


  1. Wasn’t as much intensive
  2. The same in my country
  3. Quicker
  4. Not the same as
  5. One of the best things
  6. As much as
  7. Quicker
  8. Compared to / with


  1. a) The perfume I had before was nicer than this one. V
  2. b) Their house is bigger than ours. V
  3. b) He speaks faster than anyone else I know. V
  4. a) The test was quite difficult. V
  5. b) My father and the President are the same age. V

That was the degrees of comparison exercises with answers for all of you. We hope that this exercise would make you be more understand about the degrees of comparison subject matter. Thanks!

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